BTS members J-Hope and Jin went to Suga’s concert

Today is the last day of Suga’s solo concert

1. J-Hope is so manly and cool

2. Jin, why do you look more handsome? What’s up with your shoulders?! It’s nice to see our cute Hobi too..ㅜㅜ

3. Jin’s face and shoulders are amazing

4. The fans who went to the concert must have been so happy, wow

5. Jung Hoseok.. Kim Seokjin.. I love you

6. Jin’s body has become thicker, wow, my heart flutters

7. Seokjin and Hobi are so cool!!

8. Kim Seokjin is getting more and more handsome

9. Why are Jin’s shoulders so wide?

10. Look at BTS Jin’s shoulders, is he crazy?

11. I’m so glad they look healthy

12. Seokjin!!! Hobi!!!!! I miss you

13. Wow Jin, look at his shoulders

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