BTS RM’s solo album will be a big hit?

Wow, BTS RM x Pharrell Williams, something big is coming

[+329, -21]

1. [+62, -7] In an interview, Pharrell Williams said that he was surprised when he saw BTS and respected them

2. [+47, -6] I can’t wait for this combination of RM and Pharrell Williams ~ ~ ~ I’m looking forward to it

3. [+44, -6] I love RM’s MONO album. I’m really looking forward to this album

4. [+40, -6] Pharrell Williams? Oh my god, Pharrell Williams???? Really????? Hul

5. [+9, -4] I haven’t heard it yet, but the song is already good

6. [+5, -3] RM is amazing, BTS are superstars

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praying for Namjoon’s album to hit big and be successful 🙏🏻


Nahhh it will be a flop just like the previous one cares about them anymore..


Bp album tease


No, arson and astronaut instead


Your favs have the same dumb song every cb but i guess since their fans are so stupid it falls within your negative iq


And who is my fav?? Stuuuuupid..


Both did great internationally and Hobi is nominated for like 12 awards and a few daesangs… and your girlies? No awards in 7 years and a small arena tour you dare to compare. Foh


Jflop only charted more than 1 day on KCharts because of Crush lmao. His flop ass alone couldn’t do it.


The way you automatically think it’s BP fans that drag your 7 twinks when in fact majority of kpop fandoms hate your faves and Armys but of course it’s only BP AND BLINKS that live in your head rent free lmao

yes hi

it depends because mono was a success due to the fact it was monotone & the critics loved it. if his upcoming debut album is full of rap of course it’ll do well & break records, but most armys are into their hype/pop/ballads songs. at the end of the day I’m just happy we are getting new music from each member


Its true…as much as ppl say they like their earlier more hiphop style music…the streams day otherwise which goes to show the echo chamber that is social media isnt an indicator of what ends up being popular.

WhatsThe Point

I have 0 zero expectations from k-armys (burn in hell) but i-armys will do everything for him I know.
I love his music style, I’m excited to hear what he has in store, he said there are some unexpected collabs too.
If he opts for a physical album like jin did, then his album will be a success too

yes hi

karmys are doing well with jin solo so far, I’m not expecting the same result for joon


He doesn’t have the strongest solo fanbase and armys seems to not care that much but I really hope it will be successful


It’ll be a hit internationally but we all know karmy are lazy pos so I’m sure they will not stream like they should


Bts has lost plenty of k fans, it reflects on their kncharts. Rm will flop just like what j hope and Jin did


Just these two sentences was jam packed with lies. Amazing feat


I’m looking forward to seeing where he is with his musicality. RM and mono were so different from each other and from his collabs and single releases, so I’m not 100% on what to expect.

Idk how gp friendly he’ll make it, but it’ll likely be critically well-received within the music community, as his solo work usually is so.


Curious what joon’s album will be like. His muxtapes were so different from eachother and neither are “gp friendly” which is fine bc i dont like gp friendly songs so much anyways

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