BTS Suga responds to the promise he made to fans 10 years ago

BTS Suga “King of Makchang” official response

“Then I will be called SUGA, King of Makchang, in Seoul. Capture this tweet and post it ten years later because I am really serious.”

  1. 1.27 [official statement]

“I didn’t know I’d be doing so well with my main job.. Since Makchang King, Min SUGA’s main job is still going really well, the business opening will not be possible for now. Thank you.”

“Let’s not be overconfident in the future that is uncertain even for the near future.”

1. I’ll wait for Daegu Makchang ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 30 years?

2. I really like Min Yoongi who is kind and cute

3. Min Yoongi, I will sue this dangerous guy

4. He said he couldn’t start business because his main job is going well.. He’s so cute

5. I love you Yoongi ㅠㅠ You are so cute, funny and kind

6. Min Yoongi is so cute… so cute!!!!!

7. Min Yoongi is a very dangerous man

8. He didn’t know he was going to Billboard and Grammysㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. This dangerous man really drives people crazy

10. Our Yoongi is so cute and friendly

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so cute!


Our Yoongi hasn’t even forgotten his tweet from how many years ago. Very sweet 🥺


He’s always so cute


We can continue to wait, Yoongi, while you continue to devote yourself to your main job. 

Your mom's chest hair

He probably expected to hit the down low and disband early because they were so poor during N.O. era so he said that lol. So cute


he tweeted that 6 months before they even debuted😂😂


Had his whole life planned for every possibility


I guess its the only thing minstradamus failed to predict to fruition lol. Its very sweet he went back to comment on a 10 yr old promise


He’s really cute with his promises. This reminds me of when he promised to give fans meat to eat once he had the money back in BTS’s rookie days, and years later, he honored that promise by donating Korean beef to orphanages and putting it under ARMY’s name.

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