But what made BTS so popular?

Dance..? Song..?

1. Because they are so cute

2. Honestly, I think it’s because they’re good at everything

3. HYYH?

4. They weren’t popular as soon as they debuted.. They have been getting bigger and bigger

5. They have been getting bigger and biggerㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. It’s because of the songs, the dances, the performances and the stories they tell through the music.. They’re amazing

7. The worldview may have played a part

8. I don’t know the exact reason, but they got good reactions in HYYH, and Fire > Blood Sweat & Tears > Spring Day > DNA… They have been getting bigger and bigger

9. Because they’re cute~

10. There are many reasons, but they always do their job well, I especially love their dance

11. The members are like neighbors, friendly, approachable and funny.. They have great chemistry with each other, their stage is so good, their song and lyrics are amazing

12. They are charming, they write good lyrics, they are cute, they are nice to their fans, they do well on stage, they dance well and sing live well etc.

13. Because they are so talented

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Because they BTS, cause i never feel this way to amy other groups before


truly.they’re that “the one”


When you look at the other groups kpop has to offer there’s no question why they’re the ones that made it and continue to dominate. They have a star quality along with homegrown talent that doesn’t feel overly polished or produced.


the only thing bts is weak at is honestly speaking, ‘vocals’ and maybe some ‘visuals’, but that just makes them more human and just right for the people to love them, no one wants someone too perfect. Anyway, they cover it up with good fan services/interaction with fans, amazing live performances, charming/unique auras, song writing, music produced, album concept, and humble/good personalities.


Instead of “fanservice” we as the real armys called it their sincerity to communicate with those who love and suppport them. Fanservice is only given at some events. But BTS genuinely wanted to communicate with us. Did u know Jungkook did a vlive even w/o their company’s authorization? He did it impromtu. Why would you say its “fanservice” like its some kind of service just to appease fans?
We didn’t build our bond as artist and fans with BTS through “good fanservices”. We did it through genuine interactions.

White cat

Their song vocal and visual is there. It’s just the way people tried to discrediting them by downgrading them when they already show tremendous with their vocal especially with their solo. Yet people stuck with their vocal 10 years ago 🤣 pretty pathetic to see actually.


Weak vocals and weak visuals???? Are u sure j are talking about BTS or other group?? Cuz they are good at vocals and let’s not talk about visuals cuz they are so handsome.

Another Guest

SM stans particularly like insulting BTS’ visuals + vocals claiming that their favs are THEE standard. But for all that arrogance, their favs are flops 😂


stfup both of their visuals & vocals are strong


vocals? beautiful
visuals? gorgeous
your comment? irrelevant


they’re happy being together and doing what they love. that happiness is infectious. everyone wants to be a part of something like that. combine it with their talent, good looks, smart approach, and poignant lyrics, and you have a perfect combination.

WhatsThe Point

Honestly, their camaraderie is very fascinating… They appreciate each other so much and know how to have fun, laugh and cry together as well.
Also what stands out to me is how whenever they’re all together they make sure to eat together. Food is their love language lol

Last edited 1 month ago by WhatsThe Point
Sophie Kate

Good music + Humbleness + Passion for their craft + Unreal talent + Genuineness.

WhatsThe Point

Their passion, hardwork , talent, the story telling ability they possess through lyrics, videos and books. Their songs are great, they work hard and did I mention they’re humble, funny and talented. They respect each other as colleagues and friends.
Also how everyone collaborating with BTS talks abt how much effort they put in for everything, be it a feature, production, choreo or song recording.

Their live performances are excellent and concerts are so lively and festive(here’s hoping I get to go to their concert after they come back together 😭)

Last edited 1 month ago by WhatsThe Point

This is my own opinion but what really sets them apart is their personality. I am not too fond of forced chaos and aegyo, I found a lot of idols tend to go that way for entertainment purpose. Of course other stans have tried to make me like their idols after I told them this was one of the main reasons why I like BTS. But, although there are idols with good personality out there, they didn’t have the same charms as BTS so I keep coming back to them. Also, their chemistry when they are together is something out of magic. Doesn’t matter whether they are on or off stage or shooting run bts, they always have fun. I think part of it is because not one of them like to hog the spotlight so each member can shine.


They aren’t problematic, they’re funny and have good personalities. That said, their music is great, tell good stories, BTS are good performers and it’s really obvious they’re passionate about music and their job, they always put their 100% in what they do and after 10 yrs of career is amazing to see

White cat

No matter what other said. In the end Its their music. There tons of handsome and pretty idol out there. They gradually gained more fan from hyyh and steadily progress from that.


There;s a really cool reddit post on the concept of ‘han’ and how fans, no matter where in the world they are, were drawn to BTS AND stayed in support after that. They have that authenticity mentally in spades at a time kpop was getting very regimented. Authenticity in the way they approached their music, the message they wanted to communicate and the authenticity in connecting with the fans. Second would be their bond. You look at them and suddenly you will end up believing in the friendships that mangas and animes tend to tell you about but life teaches you otherwise about. And I really hope their bonds stay with them throughout their years.


For me, what makes them so popular is how sincere they are with their music, instead of songs with the typical catchy beat and silly but easy to remember lyrics, they created meaningful music, in their songs you can feel their struggle, their experiences and everything they went through over the years, you sense the feeling and how they themselves write what they sing, they identify with what they sing and make you too, in my opinion, it is very important for a singer to write their music, if they sing what others write, it is going to be hard for you to feel that connection with their music, because it really is not. Thanks to their music and their sincerity, there is a synergy between Bangtan and Army that is unique, that is the key to their success. 


other fandoms obsession with them 😂


But frt, no one can leave them alone 😭

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