Controversy over the similarity in design between V and Taemin’s albums

V’s album was released on September 8

Taemin’s album will be released on October 30



1. V’s fans made Taemin’s album famous

2. They look similar but the design of Taemin’s album is better…

3. I feel sorry for Taemin, they really aren’t the same at all

4. What the hell??? But after seeing this post, I want to buy Taemin’s album

5. Where are they similar..? Taemin’s box is a shoe box and V’s box is a delivery box…?

6. Seriously, they are not the same at all

7. If they see Zico’s album, they will shut up

8. It’s just that Min Heejin is still doing what she used to do with SHINee

9. But the album design is so beautiful

10. Aren’t there a lot of box concepts?;; I also see that style in Zico’s album

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