Did Baby Monster intentionally show off their live singing skills amid LE SSERAFIM Coachella controversy?

Baby Monster, this must be marketingㅋㅋ They use handheld microphones and a band on music show

Their skills are so good, but now, thanks to a lot of talk about their idols’ live performances, they are becoming more famous thanks to their skillsㅋㅋㅋㅋ

1. What the hell is it? They did it because the It’s Live version was well received

2. Aren’t music shows themselves marketing? What are you talking about?

3. Their ranking increased from 200th to 13th on the music chart, so they need to promote their live singing skills, right?

4. Well, it’s not a bad thing, it’s a good idea

5. They are really good at performing on stage

6. They are so confident

7. But they’re good at singing live anyway, so is marketing an issue?

8. But after Coachella, idols who are good at performing live started getting attention, so even if I were Baby Monster, I would still do the same

9. Marketing or not, you must have good skills to do it

10. If you don’t have the skills, even if you want to, you can’t do this marketing~

11. Isn’t this kind of marketing good?

12. It seems like fans of idols who aren’t good at singing live got mad

13. But it’s not like they lip synced with AR, they were just showing off what they practiced

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