“Even if V debuts now, he’d be the center visual member of the group”, Knetz react

1. V has a handsome face regardless of the era.

2. But it really is haha. It’s not just handsome, it’s a face with a million charms and narratives… A lot of popularity.

3. I was shocked when I saw his face. He’s really, really handsome… ㅜㅜ

4. Whenever he debuts, V is a stone blast.

5. Kim Taehyung is handsome and has a lot of talent, so even if he debuts now, he would have stood out.

6. He’s idol’s texbook.

7. Of course, he’s always super popular.

8. Even if he debuts now, he’d be a center visual member.

9. There is no other idol like him, stage genius.

10. Even if he debuts at the age of 80, he is still the first person on the national senior citizen tour.

11. Of course, V’s popularity explodes at any moment.

12. He’s got a beautiful face and a lot of talent, who wouldn’t pay attention to him?

13. Even if he’s stuck in the mountains, he’d be forced to become an idol.

14. He’s crazy.

15. When it comes to being handsome, there are a lot of guys who are attractive, but V seems to be one of the few that are mysterious because he has talents and even charm.

16. I really like the unique atmosphere of V.

17. For V, the year of debut doesn’t matter. No matter when he debuts, he’ll be hot and popular.

18. It’s been 10 years and he’s still driving me crazy.

19. Even his shadow is handsome.

20. How does V get more and more handsome?

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yeah… cause that’s the only thing he has to offer


You know for an anti being this much obsessed of him ain’t healty, cuz i’ve seen you in front lines on every taehyung news even before his fans lol


1st comment of the post antis really are closet fans


Not a stankpink stan talking

Another Guest

Wow the first comment is from an anti, literally faster than armys. It’s love atp 😂😂😂😂😂


at least he can offer something


looks, talent and charms… he has everything to offer of course he’d be popular regardless the era


I love him so much. He’s talented,hard working,polite,etc. The looks are just the cherry on top


the comment no.10 lol😭

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no but you have to see him on big screen. i went to see BTS’s yet to come movie recently and was in awe of his beauty every time he appears on screen (and Jin!!!) sooooo freakin’ gorgeous!!!


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idol of idols for a reason as tae said “being handsome and charming is two different thing you have to know your charming quality” and he knows there are tons of handsome guys in Korea yet he is the one who stands at the top for a reason

and just like yoongi said he is both and we all agree


“ 12. He’s got a beautiful face and a lot of talent, who wouldn’t pay attention to him?” exactly even the antis can’t get enough Taehyung


Bald, ugly, talentless, arrogant Toto.


You don’t need to describe yourself. 

meow meow

yasss that’s why he has so many sons in the 4th gen taehyung will always be on top


Taehyung is the standard for all male idols, but there can only be one Taehyung. 


An icon


He is The visual without being officially the visual that’s how ethereal he is . He is so versatile look wise and can embody any concept


he said he was the most handsome man in the world according to **** magazine?? Do Koreans never see handsome people???
come on sis, there are lots of handsome people out there who are 10 times more handsome and smarter than this, not just popularity.
OMG your obsession with idols is so… hufft!!!!


And yet on Google analytics since January 2017 the words Most Handsome are associated with Thee Kim Taehyung so most of the planet thinks his visuals are at unmatched level. Apologies to you if you need eye surgery


Hufftt ….


He never said he wast the most handsome men himself tho lol stop making sht urself
Also he is not only handsome but also attractive and full of charms, he has charisma. If we only seeking handsome man theres plenty out there and you can stanning a model, but taehyung is different his charisma is oozing also his voice are beautiful lol its not just about face

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I saw Yet to Come BTS concert in the cinema a few days ago. Kim Taehyung V made the whole arena gasp collectively in USA west coast. His visuals on the big screen puts most actors looks to a common level. Hollywood please put him in a blockbuster soon. Just wow V 🤩


Fr always gasped when he is in screen, he just breathtakingly gorgeous and beautiful, i need him on big screen/movie/drama more often please😭


if he debuted today,or in any other company,they would push him like no other in the history of kpop.he’s a member of the biggest band on the planet but one of the most underrated talents in music industry that’s actually insane considering bighit hid him so other companies couldn’t chase him.

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