EXO-CBX held a press conference to report SM’s unfair treatment but received negative reactions

EXO-CBX holds a press conference “We will report SM’s unfair treatment” [Official]

1. Here we go again…

2. Are they doing this after seeing Min Heejin’s press conference? This is something totally different though

3. There doing this again???

4. But the contract is terminated, so what they’re claiming is that there isn’t anything in the agreement requiring them to provide profit from personal activities? So the contract is only valid when doing group activities?

5. Who forced them to renew their contract..?

6. Are they imitating Min Heejin?

7. Celebrities seem to have no idea what the real world is like

8. I guess INB100 is tight on money

9. I feel sorry for the remaining members and fans ㅠㅠ

10. It seems like they don’t really care what the fans think

11. I hate SM but I feel sorry for SM

12. Suddenly….? Maybe I can’t see EXO now ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

13. Even though EXO was so successful, they ended up destroying themselves by doing everything just for money

14. These are the 3 people who went to MC Mong’s company

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