Fans criticize journalist for saying Jungkook withdrew from Instagram because of dating rumors with Lee Yoo Bi

“Because of dating rumors with Lee Yoo Bi?”… BTS Jungkook, the real reason for withdrawing from Instagram with 50 million followers

This is the headline of the article

[+109, -598]

1. [+417, -15] Those dating rumors are crazy, f*ck

2. [+406, -12] That journalist, the haters on Pann, they should all be sued~^^

3. [+401, -10] Seriously why did they do that??ㅋㅋㅋ If Jungkook saw this, he must be so angry… ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Didn’t he say he deleted Instagram because he didn’t use it?

4. [+192, -2] Please, please stop now

5. [+54, -1] Don’t touch Jungkook

6. [+44, -65] Did Lee Yoo Bi tell him to withdraw from Instagram?

7. [+29, -1] He’s a singer but he doesn’t use Instagram,, He’s so coolㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+12, -6] Maybe he is angry or wants to send a strong message to someone

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dot com bubble

K-media will report about anything shit about BTS even if it’s baseless except their achievements 🤮


idk I don’t want to think much about this tbh but assuming from recent events, he probably did it because of sasaengs


+ but meh I don’t really care about this that much, sure it was sad at first that he deleted his ig but as long as he’s happy and at peace, I’m happy for him 🌟


I think they really dating


is the yubi’s post before or after jungkook’s weverse ?


she post it in instagram 2016


Thats like almost 7 years ago lmao 😭😭😭


2016 ? that’s a reach 😭

Shu Yan

I think that auntie is obsessed with hin


or maybe they’re really dating and sharing some recommendations songs they like bc yubi actually posting abt the song in 2016


RM and Haechan also posted the same thing. Is she dating them as well?


rm and haechan didn’t have the dating rumors like yubi and jk do

Gi Gi Hakusho

Dating rumors when they didn’t even met each other, like the girls said it. Get over it, yall are so annoying forcing this. The funny thing is girl said she only knows SUGA and yall keep pushing this bs.


idk yubi is quite suspicious , I mean when bh denied the dating allegations at the first place, yubi’s side also denied the same thing but she also added that she knew Yoongi like ? why did she bring up yoongi in a dating clarification like she could probably left it out so my guess is she’s an attention seeker 👤


how she’s attention seeker when yubi post abt the song first in 2016. they literally dating and probably just sharing the same song couples usually do
the youtuber lee jinho confirmed they’ve been dating since last year. unlike sojang, lee jinho is reliable source


RM posted in 2016 too please by that time, I’m sure other members including Jungkook were aware about the song.

Last edited 19 days ago by Wtv

Idk man but seeing how yubi chick family operates is just so sus. Weren’t they like frauds who took ppl money and all. And most innocent ppl k worded themselves cause of the fraud. And her and her sister who married a famous actor always displayed their wealth on SNS which was fraud money obviously.
I think Armys are not upset cause of dating thing but with who jk is getting linked up with.
I mean I would too. I am also a twice stan and if anyone tried to link any girls with a man with such disgusting link like that yoobi girlie I would get furious too.
I mean no. That actor’s career is almost over in sk now. Like no one not even his own fans want him now. Cause of the girl he married.
I don’t think jk is stupid enough to date a chick like her. He is a BTS member and he seems passionate. He is definitely not someone to throw it all away for some girlie. And that girlie seems sus too. I mean she denied when no one was talking about them. And now doing all these shits just to get her name linked with him.


Yes. People hate her whole family. Lee seunggi doesnt get any hate when he’s dating yoona (plus snsd at their prime time when the dating news broke out). Knetz just hate that whole fam and k-army must also feel the same. Who like their fav got linked with the criminal fam. The girl’s attention seeker tho


how y’all know jk is not the type to throw it all away for some girlie ? the man is hopeless romantic even all member choose him as someone who most likely to get married first. that’s already tell you everything he’s the type to giving his all to his lover also did y’all really believe he delete his ig only bc he didn’t use it ? not bc someone ask him or made him do it ?
not to forget hybe not even bothered to denied it anymore. they probably just let it go like they do to taehyung jennie bc both are real
yubi post abt the song is not recent, it’s from her 2016 ig post and they probably just sharing the songs they like like normal couple do.

Gi Gi Hakusho

Sojang tried to link him with Yoochun’s ex fiance before this and even she has to go out and say she has never seen him in person. They don’t care about Jk dating, they want him linked in rumors with people with bad reputation. They will leav that Yubi girl once they find another girl with controversies.


how abt lee jinho tho ? he literally have more credibility than sojang, he confirmed yubi and jk is really dating lol


I know her family have a big scandal and her sister(which is also an actor) also hated by knetz as well


I felt the same way. Also think she is doing this for popularity.


He didn’t update for months so I thought his message was very clear. He rarely updates on other platforms too but compared to instagram, they are group account not personal like instagram in which he has full control. It will be a different story if he has shown a lot of interest in updating his instagram and used it to promote himself but NO, he might post or repost one/couple time and that was it.


Every week there always new gf rumor for jungkook. Now i heard the girl in the gym video that posted by sasaeng turned out to be 15 years old daughter of that gym trainer. And thats why JK very angry about sasaeng come to his gym because now even commoners get affected by sasaeng. The video not even have jungkook with her. Sasaeng can easily take that video in different time just because its same gym n claim the girl is JK gf n delulus easily believe the rumor. Idk why people so obsessed to ship JK with every women.


Fuckboy Jungkook.💀 At least BTS has one hetero member. He’s beating the faggot allegations.

Color color stan

loook at this pathetic piece of garbage. even if youre the straightest person in the world, your parents still regret that you were born

Taste that savage

Why is jungc0ck not protecting his gf from all hate army sending to her? Useless man


Let’s not talk about useless beings with that name cause you not gonna like how this conversation is gonna end 😘

I see you on every single BTS related article but when it’s time to defend LackPink you’re suddenly quiet as a mouse. Curious.

Get Jungkook’s name out of your nasty mouth and start minding those dozens.


Why is who he’s dating a topic of discussion??? Kpop culture is so delusional. Not that serious

Seungri reformed

that Lee Yoo bi is meeeh 🙂 + she is old


I can’t believe that a reporter in particular would prepare such a ridiculous piece of news. How are they still talking about these fake things? Jungkook wasn’t even active on Instagram. How much more jungkook explain for you to believe? This is so ridiculous. This fake date news must stop. Jungkook’s private life has been harassed and people misinterpret everything he does 💀


It was obviously because of sasaengs. Literally leave him alone. This reporter is a dumbass.

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