Fromis_9 and Pentagon’s Wooseok causes controversy over drinking and smoking

On August 17, netizens were claiming they saw four members of Fromis_9 and Pentagon’s Wooseok entering a room bar together in Hongdae

1. I don’t get it, aren’t they all adults?

2. But aren’t they all adults? Are there any minors? As adults, there is no problem with drinking and smoking, right?

3. Man going to a room bar? That really ruins their image. It doesn’t matter if they hang out with guys but going to a room bar…

4. I don’t care if they drink or not, why hasn’t that group disbanded yet?

5. I was about to say these netizens probably took photos of ordinary people but the member proved it themselves that it was them

6. Who cares if they hang out together

7. Well, can male and female idols drink and hang out together?

8. The fans may be disappointed

9. I think they were just hanging out

10. If you are not a fan, you should just shut up…

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