“Why only fromis_9 in on Hiatus” fromis_9 Lee Chaeyoung opened up about the Mistreatment she is facing from PLEDIS and HYBE

Lee Chaeyoung member of fromis_9 did Weverse live yesterday to connect with her fans 

Fans are desperate to see fromis_9 back on stage and have a comeback since their Lastest Comeback was nearly year ago 

Chaeyoung seems to be upset to see her fans waiting for so long and finally speak up about this problem 

“I wanna change my weverse profile pic. I wanna promote soon so that I can change it to a promo pic.

Why is it that we’re always… I wanna promote

why are we the only ones to have long hiatuses.. why only fromis_9″

Flovers are upset and demanding justice for fromis_9

HYBE label is already in so much controversy this makes the company is doing something shady business behind the scenes.

Netizens are calling them Gfriend 2.0 

What are your thoughts regarding this issue 

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