fromis_9 Hayoung says that they are not currently preparing for a comeback despite an article about their comeback in August

fromis_9 Hayoung “I didn’t even know about the article about our comeback in August, but then I heard about it from fans. I’m not preparing for a comeback right now.”

This is what she said on the radio yesterday

They say that they are not preparing for a comeback

1. Just address it with the company

2. They’re not doing anything but there’s a comeback announcement…?

3. Since this is a company that has a history of neglecting girl groups and then disbanding them, I wonder if they will follow the same path

4. It’s true that they are not preparing for a comeback

5. There was an article about them making a comeback in August, how could they not be preparing for a comeback? Did the company just post this to appease fans?

6. I just hate Pledis because they neglect girl groups so many times;;

7. They’ll be making their comeback in August, so how could they not be preparing for their comeback…?

8. They weren’t prepared yet, so how could they come back in two months?

9. Her name is Song Hayoung. Is she a foreign member? What are these kids doing?

10. They’re coming back in August but they’re not doing anything?ㄷㄷ

11. What’s up with this company?

12. I guess they wanted to let fans know this because the company lied

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