Mental Torturing of fromis_9 by HYBE and PLEDIS

fromis_9 is a 8 members girl group under PLEDIS entertainment 

The group release their first Studio album Unlock My world in June 5th 2023 ever since then the group is on Hiatus and fans of fromis_9 flovers are upset 

The members came to Weverse live to talk to flovers ( their fans)

They talked about how they weren’t invited in company new year party 

How and why Unlock My world which was meant to release on 22nd March was delayed for no reason? 

Why HYBE artists are ignoring fromis_9

Do they hate them or company put fromis ban on them for what reason 

Jiheon was her Weverse live saying that company was concerned if we can sold out our concert or what ….

The fact that they did their first concert is 2022 and it was all sold out both in Korea and Japan 

Whatever the reason is flovers are tried of this mistreated, now just yesterday 6th May Chaeyoung did the Weverse live where she said 

“Why only fromis is on Hiatus why only us”

HYBE says they put efforts for all the artist same then what is this

Why this double standard when it comes to fromis 

We want answers

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