How have BTS fans changed in the past 8 months?

Last June: BTS started individual activities

I will save money and live my life to the fullest and come back as a great ARMY… BTS… You guys must be happy…

From the next day, 7 members started individual activities, so the amount of content for fans is 7 times higher than usual

Last December: The military era has begun

I have to deposit my savings until BTS comes back as a group in 2025…. 130,000 won per month…. BTS must be so happy….

And solo albums and solo activities keep coming out

and now:
???: August tour
???: Fansign for Jimin’s solo album

All I have to do is spend money

1. So why did we cry last June?.. I feel embarrassed

2. I have no money…

3. Why did I cry last June?

4. I thought it was meㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. The tears that I shed on that june day were tears of mourning for my bank account,,, I finally realized,,,

6. I’m not the only oneㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. You can’t rest if you’re a fan of BTS

8. Looks like we’re going to spend a lot of money this year

9. Wow, has it been 8 months already? 2025 will come soon

10. I can’t save money…

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It’s ironic to think that Bangtan is on hiatus but they give us more content than some groups that are active. We are a lucky fandom. 


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White cat

Nobody love u. Your mom,dad even the neighbourhood dog hate your existence.


keep crying

WhatsThe Point

I think we all should accept that we cried on 14 June seeing tannies cry, seeing how they held up for us even when they were burnt out and needed a break. If that’s not a bond idk what is, I’m just glad they can finally take a break now after 10 years of constantly releasing music and having crazy schedules.

I remember how somebody compared Coldplay to BTS, in 1st 5y CP released 3 albums while BTS released like 12 in the same time.

Hi, I'm Guest

Comment #5 is so on point, in my case 🤣🤣


It’s been 8 months… wow. Time really flies, soon it’ll be 2025. My money is flying away from my wallet too 🤣


“The tears that I shed on that june day were tears of mourning for my bank account,,, I finally realized,,,” LMAOOO but u know, i think that crying on that day was very valid bcs bts themseleves were emotional. they cherish their group identity so much that they are scared of losing it so they had to take a break for a while. it is probably tiring for them to keep up to so many responsibilities and expectations that they don’t have time to grow as individual artists. im just rlly so glad that they have a say on their careers and how they would want to do it. and im most glad about the fact that while they did this to grow individually, their main reason is still for the group. for bts to last longer, they had to do this. BUT STILL. I THINK IM THE ONE WHO NEEDS A HIATUS BCS THIS RELEASE AFTER RELEASE IS K//NG ME


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White cat

I didn’t cry cause I know having them all doing music independently means I need to spend 7 time more till 2025🤣🤣🤣


I feel like fans are busier this phase bc its 7 individual activities to keep up with vs what was always all 7 members together at once.


Yeah, keeping up with a grp of 7 was esp overwhelming during cb season. But it’s definitely more manageable compared to now, even if you had older content to catch up on.

Now, with 7 having different schedules (that they don’t always give enough forewarning abt either–or no warning; looking hard at Namjoon with that ‘Closer’ remix MV being dropped outta nowhere), I’m more likely to miss smt when it drops and have to put it on hold for later bc of lack of free time.


it’s true but it’s manageable in a way like 1 member or 2 will be in the spotlight while the others are lowkey.


1. So why did we cry last June?.. I feel embarrassed

5. The tears that I shed on that june day were tears of mourning for my bank account,,, I finally realized,,,

LOL so funny
But if you’re international fan it’s even worse because the added amount in shipping and travel expenses for tours


Hmm.. what a stupid way of spending money


#5 is so real lmaoooo…. i cried thinking this era of my life was suddenly over but now i realize i was just crying in advance…. i actually literally cried today over my job so this is just funny 😂


the fact we all questions why did we cry on june is so funny lmao
that’s right.. time flies, 2025 will come soon

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