Hwasa, controversy over ob$cene performance at the university festival

Hwasa, controversy over ob$cene performance at the university festival… “Crossing the line” VS “It’s just a festival”

1. I hate it so much

2. The stage that Hwasa pursues isn’t her own, but it feels like she’s copying foreign singers so it’s worse

3. It’s ugly and dirty

4. Why did she do that?.. Even if it’s the university festival, middle and high school students go there..

5. Hwasa has good skills and is cool, I hope she does well in the future, but she shouldn’t cross the line

6. I like Hwasa, but it’s too much

7. If she did it overseas, people would ignore it, but it’s the university festival in Korea

8. Hwasa’s voice is good but the performance was so bad

9. I was surprised when I saw the gif

10. Some people who witnessed that stage said that they were uncomfortable and hated it

11. A lot of foreign female singers do it.. She must have been influenced by singers like Rihanna and Cardi B

12. I’m an adult, but it doesn’t look cool or sexy…

13. Why did she dance like that??? Does she think that dance is sexy?

14. She’s creating a cheap image for herself

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That’s very cheap

Nicole Barnett

gere to ther dsgf

Like Crazy

Yikes why does she wants to be the second jennie

who you

yikes, she wants to be the second like your mom. BACkWARD


Tbh I hate any crotch grabbing whether it’s male or female 😂 leave your bits alone people

Last edited 6 months ago by Mia

I don’t know, hwasa hasn’t been on the agenda for two years. And he’s trying to do things again when he first came to the agenda

Teenaged puppy

They only like slutty behavior when Midpink does it

who you

your mom is mega sluttty honey, you should ask her

Teenaged puppy

Ohhh, you got me there. 🙃 doesn’t change the fact that slutnnie is a whore on and off stage and her twink fandom eats it up while slut shaming other women.




?????? when did jimin do this? 😂


Come one paid hater. If all u think about is Jimin, then go become a fan. This article didn’t even talk about Jimin


She’s so vulgar 🤢 That’s disgusting. Do they think doing these stuff on stage is some art?

spicy spice

ew. nasty.


cheap, tacky & gross. 😷

Ladyboy Lisa

Not the right place, maybe if club or concert

Kpop Boomer

Inappropriate but that was hot, lol


Lol watch the koreaboos act all shocked when ice spice does this in our country everyday 😂. It’s no problem but she knows Korea is conservative and anti s3x, they angry and frustrated.


I think the main issue here is her doing this in a university in which many minors would be present too…
Regardless I dislike even if any man does this. This just looks cheap. I also dislike foreign celebs who does this.

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