Hwasa is being heavily criticized on Korean communities for her controversial performance at the university festival

Hwasa’s controversial performance at the university festival

Lee Hyori, Uhm Jung Hwa and BoA are part of Kim Tae Ho PD’s variety show

She performed at Sungkyunkwan university with them..

This is cheap
She looks bold and it’s just an artistic performance

[+2797, -143]

1. [+1722, -8] This is too dirty and cheap. What part of this is bold and cool?

2. [+1281, -7] Honestly, I don’t know how you can look at this gesture and think it’s art?.. If you think this is just an artistic performance, please explain to me the deeper meaning of that gesture..

3. [+1271, -11] Why did she do that? Anyone would look cheap doing this

4. [+1172, -16] Both her and Solar.. Why is Mamamoo like that?

5. [+1030, -8] F*cking disgusting…

6. [+505, -0] Not only cheap but also dirty, why is she like that?

7. [+381, -1] ㄷㄷ.. It wasn’t even her concert, but was she doing it at the university festival?

8. [+292, -3] Isn’t she s*xually harassing the audience?

9. [+263, -1] It’s dirty… I can only think of this

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