Hwasa is being heavily criticized on Korean communities for her controversial performance at the university festival

Hwasa’s controversial performance at the university festival

Lee Hyori, Uhm Jung Hwa and BoA are part of Kim Tae Ho PD’s variety show

She performed at Sungkyunkwan university with them..

This is cheap
She looks bold and it’s just an artistic performance

[+2797, -143]

1. [+1722, -8] This is too dirty and cheap. What part of this is bold and cool?

2. [+1281, -7] Honestly, I don’t know how you can look at this gesture and think it’s art?.. If you think this is just an artistic performance, please explain to me the deeper meaning of that gesture..

3. [+1271, -11] Why did she do that? Anyone would look cheap doing this

4. [+1172, -16] Both her and Solar.. Why is Mamamoo like that?

5. [+1030, -8] F*cking disgusting…

6. [+505, -0] Not only cheap but also dirty, why is she like that?

7. [+381, -1] ㄷㄷ.. It wasn’t even her concert, but was she doing it at the university festival?

8. [+292, -3] Isn’t she s*xually harassing the audience?

9. [+263, -1] It’s dirty… I can only think of this

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The number of upvotes??? Knetz are fuming.💀 It’s not that serious tho.


Whasa has not been on the agenda for a long time. She also started doing the same moves when she was popular. Most probably she will comeback at soon


And in 4 months you will see her making a song crying victimising herself and mocking k-netzs or anyone saying this isn’t appropriate. She pulled such a cheap stunt she should really understand this is neither sexy nor not but absolutely disgusting


When a woman touch her body in some performance is dirty and unacceptable, but when a male idol does the same is so sexy or do “sexual dance” is okay. 😏


Ok, but which male group that has lick their hands then proceed to touch their crotch. Give me a vid suggestion cause I need to see it

spicy spice

the desperation over being ✨different✨


This is really empowering 😍 Yass queen👑


Imagine karina or wonyoung doin that, they will have no career anymore. But since it’s ugly hwasa so the ugly fans defend her calling its empowerment


No hate on her but why is she popular? I remember she was really popular around 3/4 years ago? So, out of curiosity i watched her appearance in I live Alone. But IMO, she was kinda boring? Even the way she talked is like someone who is too lazy to talk.

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I means, what is the purpose of doing that? Is it part of the dance routine? Or is it connected to the song lyrics?



Teenaged puppy

Get over it. Slutpink has done worse and you twinks eat it up

Hoe 😘

If someone like Hwasa it’s Women Empowerment or beautiful but if someone like IU or Taeyeon it’s whore, sluts or disgusting.


Idk about art, but that gesture def didn’t fall under a performance artistic


I think the main issue here is her doing this in a university in which many minors would be present too…
Regardless I dislike even if any man does this. This just looks cheap. I also dislike foreign celebs who does this.


She and Mamamo are getting forgotten , she needs something to get attention 🤡

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