HYBE acquires US hip-hop label ‘Migos, Lil Baby’ for 314 billion won

HYBE, the management company of popular idol group BTS, has acquired QC Music (Quality Control Music), an American hip-hop label. The acquisition price is 314 billion won

1. HYBE, how much money do you have?

2. Well, Lil Baby is currently under HYBE

3. Another shocking takeover news since Ithaca Holdings

4. Please come to Weverse Con

5. Wow Lil Baby is an artist of HYBE

6. How much money does HYBE have?

7. Just do well with what you have

8. Wow, I know BTS makes a lot of money, but is it still that much?

9. That’s because BTS doesn’t brag about their money, but because they make as much money as pop stars overseas, you can imagine more than you can imagine

10. I need to buy HYBE stock

11. HYBE is getting bigger and bigger

12. 314 billion won… Crazy

13. I really can’t imagine how much money HYBE has

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8. Wow, I know BTS makes a lot of money, but is it still that much?

Hybe has other source of income.💀 It’s not only BigHit which is under Hybe.

K army

Yes that other source also BTS only, BTS games, BTS merchs and their goods army’s will buy BTS items no matter how much it costs
So in the end hybe making so much money 90% thanks to BTS only


True but BTS are still their main source of income


you mean BT21 of course


Oh and don’t forget our tiny tan


bts brings 90% of hybe’s profit


BFR, BTS makes the highest source of income in the company. They’re the main source of income.


It’s so stupid to be so afraid of the power of bts 😂

Hi, I'm Guest

Salteh bcs ur dozen midflop fave can’t do the same for their company 😌


can they buy Twitter from Elon Musk

meow meow

lmfao they’re just doing anything


Migos are flops and is Lil baby big?
They really just be doing anything


I mean thats what they said when they made hybe at first and now hybe is thriving sooo


Yes, Lil Baby is and has been getting pretty popular in the west.


Why tf is hybe giving top positions to people such as min heejin and scooter Braun…? These people are nasty…


And why are they just doing anything atp…shouldn’t they focus more on BTS members and their solos….BTS made them


true but at the end of the day , it’s all business and money to Hybe and mhj and scooter are so good at this side of business hence why they’re given these positions

mhj the pedo & nj the pedo idols

mhj’s ‘gd’ to the pt nj (& lsf) were at minus in the reports.


gd and pt ? minus ? reports about what


what happened??


Ew scooter braun


Good. Can they concentrate on BTS solo era? I am honestly Suga, V and Jungkook deprived here. Hobi and RM got their solo albums out, Jimin is coming very soon and can’t do anything but wait for Jin to return. So can we get something from yoontaekook please????


This is very disturbing. Kmedia said that Jimin will debut in February. But still no news shared by bighit. I hope they share something for mochi soon. Or the album date is for march.


???? They bought Quality Control????


please put a trigger warning next time you post a picture of 🛴 poopoo braun 💀💀

Guest Usernames Are Cowards

Why is thing being downvoted lmao. Scooter Braun is a piece of shit


Thanks to BTS. We weren’t kidding when we said BTS is making millions of dollars for hybe 🤑


migos: flops. takeoff died, quavo and offset don’t even speak to each other anymore

lil baby: uber flop. i can’t even name one successful song he released in the past three years

what a waste of bts’ money…

Somali Bird App Mooryan

Stick to kpop weirdo you clearly know nothing about rap. All 23 of his songs charted on the Hot 100 in October. 3rd time in history goofy

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