Hyuna and Dawn reunited after 2 months of breakup

[Exclusive] Hyuna ♥ Dawn reunited after 2 months of breakup… Going on schedules together

According to News1 on the 27th, Hyuna and Dawn recently decided to continue their relationship as lovers

1. The two of them don’t even admit it, but I want to believe it

2. The two of them match well and look so good together

3. Congratulations

4. It’s Hollywood!!

5. Let’s get married at this time

6. Something makes me feel better

7. It’s a couple that I don’t hate and want to support even though they date loudly

8. Is this Hollywood?

9. I feel so happy when I know that they reunited

10. I want to have love like that in my life

11. After breaking up, they must have realized that they can’t be without each other

12. Crazy, but they’re the only couple that I’m curious about getting married

13. I’m curious as to why they broke up

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Knetz be in their Hollywood fan era with this couple. They want to know every single detail about them. Well that’s just make them the power couple.


V and joanna next


Can we all just let them be? Like… I’m rooting for their relationship but it must be tiring being The Topic all the time😐


ngl living for the drama of it all


Ended Taennie with ease.

Well taennie was already ended since its creation cause it doesn’t even exist. It only exists in some delulu people brains.


I know it’s normal for couples to break up and get back but what do I have a feeling of kim kardashian/keyne situation

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