I don’t like talking to people like RM

I don’t like talking to people like RM…

I’m just a talking potato, but everything about RM is like a passage in a book, so just a minute of talking is enough to make me feel pathetic….. Until I die (I can’t talk to him anyway) I have to do my best to avoid him…. I’m not his fan, but I think he’s really amazing

1. I will just listen attentively…..

2. I understand how that feelsㅋㅋ

3. It’s okay because smart people always know how to get along with others when talking

4. I think I understand what you meanㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. Even so, I think I will have a lot of thoughts when I listen to him. I think it would be fun to talk to him

6. I think it will be fun, even if I don’t understand, RM will calmly explain more

7. Me too… I feel like I can feel my level when talking to him… I feel sad because of the difference in level…

8. I know RM is nice so he won’t look at me pathetically….. But it’s like a professor watching me give a presentation

9. It’s great to hear what he has to say

10. ARMYs come here with rage and leave with sympathy, me too

11. I will just listen..

12. I want to learn something while talking. I think it’s fine if the meeting place isn’t an interview room

13. The one who made me realize my ignorance ㅋㅋ

14. I know what it is… It’s like a freshman talking about his major to a professor

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what tf


I mean bighit senior, lee hyun even said that RM is intimidating. Imagine that despite them in same company even before bts debut. I think RM charisma, intelligence really intimidate alot of people. Thats also probably why US interviewers becoming more respectful toward BTS due to RM. But its cute to see how BTS treat him when he not in leader mode.


i am laughing when Namjoon feels surprised to know young artist more prefer to seek Suga for advice than him, “i am not speak english, why is no one looking for me”🤣🤣

Maybe this also a reason why young artist more prefer going to Suga for advice than Namjoon bcoz of his intelligence make people get intimidating 😂 it like a student more prefer asking to their senior advice than asking to their teacher/professor about their study problem 🤭🤭

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If you’ve been in an army for a long time you’ll also realize how emphatic and hyper-aware he is. He recognizes when one is having a hard time understanding him and he will try hard to make it less complicated without condescension.
He does this with the members, esp with the younger ones like jk. Learning english terms, jokes or old sayings.
I think theres no need to feel such things.

WhatsThe Point

The fact that when a member mispronounces something, he smiles and corrects them w/o making them feel dumb/stupid. And the way they all trust him with lyrics of their own songs like damn.


Exactly!! A true smart person will never make you feel dumb for holding conversations with them, they will make things easier to understand when theyre explaining things to you. If youre talking to someone that you think is smart but theyre condescending and make you feel dumb, theyre not that really smart.


I agree lol


A smart person will NEVER make you feel dumb when talking to them, just watch how RM explains things to his members, never in condescending tone, he makes things easier to understand even when its hard. Thats how you that hes truly smart.

Saint Seungri

Cringe weeee 🤢 zombies as always


that’s seungri


He seems very politically correct
Thats why i will never talk to him irl

White cat

So u prefer to talk to insensitive prick?

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dot com bubble

I guess I’ll see you at MAGA rallies if you’re American lmao


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The best thing that could have happened to BTS was having Namjoon as a leader. 


I had an inkling but the comments section here makes a lot of sense as to why the comments on other posts are the way they are

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