If HYBE takes over SM, will they use the HYBE office building like Pledis idols?

Will they use both the SM office building and the HYBE office building?

1. The HYBE office building is full…

2. SM has their office building, so I wonder if they can still use it?

3. SM has 600 employees, so this is impossible

4. The HYBE office building has no space left

5. The size of the HYBE office building is not too big to fit

6. How many employees does SM have?

7. The total number of employees at HYBE and the total number of employees at SM are the same… This is impossible

8. It’s not that HYBE acquired SM, they’re just the largest shareholder

9. Don’t you know SM has 600 employees?

10. SM has their office building, so they’ll use it

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Hybe isn’t acquiring SM in the way they did pledis. They are becoming the largest shareholder which is different. They’ll have the say on projects but I doubt they are going to be replacing staff or their style or their building.


Ikr… People who is being loud n protesting mostly didnt know what is differences between acquiring with shareholder 🤭🤭


They did announce though that they’ll be cutting a lot of people. I assume though it’s people in allegiance with Soo Man’s nephew.

It is what it is

8. It’s not that HYBE acquired SM, they’re just the largest shareholder

THIS. people keep forgetting that SM is not Hybe subsidiary like pledis, adora, ittaca, etc


True. SM still has their own building. They’d use it. But perhaps if there would be any need in the future for the executives to work closer, they might only move their executives to Hybe building. Hybe as their main headquarter if that makes sense to you.

But, let’s just see what would happen next. For now Hybe has only 14% of the share but still plans to buy more of the share. Let’s just observe this together, shall we?


HYBE not acquired SM, only become shareholder. So why would SM executives or any SM staff moves to Hybe? Except SM executives or staff is resign from SM and propose to work to HYBE. Coz Hybe n SM now is still different agency (not work under same agency). Not like pledis, Soumu and Ador case, that now they are work under Hybe coz Hybe acquired them, that why some of Soumu, Pledis and Ador staff is working at Hybe building bcoz they are Hybe sub label, while SM is not Hybe sub label. Hybe only become the majority of shareholder. Acquired n being shareholder is different thing


NO! how many times do we have to say this
SM is not part of HYBE LABELS or FAMILY!!!. Their idols will not be at the hybe building or have their videos uploaded on HYBE youtube channel. HYBE owns 80-90%+ of Source and Pledis so they took over them differently.

HYBE only owns 14% of SM so they don’t really own them


NCT disband most NCT that debut un 2016 will be out of contract in three years WayV aren’t popular as nuest
No Japan unit since hybe will debut will debut their Japanese group
Kwangya project will get thrown away
Others second Gen Idols will leave after contract expired

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They will try to get controlling share. At the moment they have 14.8%. They are making a 25% tender offer. If that is fulfilled, they will have 39.8% and they have the right to purchase the remaining 4% from Lee Soo Man which gives them 43%. In the end the controlling board will be majority of HYBE. If the injunction against Chris Lee and Kakako is approved, I’ll be all in HYBEs hands.


Hybe owns ~15% of SM and 85% of Pledis. Do the math. They’re the largest shareholder but no where are they near the majority.


no but can hybe give up? imagine sm enjoying the hybe/bts privilege leaves a bad taste in my mouth. bang pd stop doing charity pls.


hybe will disband sm’s flops 😂


nah they’re greedy, they will use bts’ money and connections to promote these flops


Keep SM trash in their own building. Disband nct flops as the first order of business

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