ILLIT’s new song is accused of plagiarizing another song

A song that is said to be similar to ILLIT’s song

1. This song can’t be released without the original song. There’s really nothing unique about this group

2. It’s a plagiarism group

3. The melodies seem so similar

4. It’s similar but I don’t think it’s plagiarism

5. It’s exactly the same, but now HYBE decides to say this isn’t even plagiarism?

6. Huh? Isn’t that plagiarism?

7. I hate Bang Si Hyuk and I hope HYBE goes bankrupt, but I don’t think it’s plagiarism

8. HYBE really seems to be the main culprit destroying the music industry

9. There are a lot of similar songs so I don’t think it’s considered plagiarism.. But IILLIT really seems like a group without their own color ㅠ

10. If this is plagiarism then everything is plagiarism

11. Thanks to you, I know a good song

12. If you look at it this way, Bubble Gum is somewhat similar to another song

13. HYBE girl groups have no uniqueness

14. I don’t know, but this is not called plagiarism

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