Lisa’s Potential Exit from YG Entertainment

As the expiration date of Blackpink’s contracts approaches in August 2023, fans have been swept up in a wave of speculation surrounding Lisa, one of the group’s cherished members, and her future with YG Entertainment. Over the past two years, observant fans have noticed a series of suspicious incidents involving the company’s treatment of their foreign idol, fueling the speculation of her potential departure.

One incident that has fueled the rumors involves comments made by members of the prestigious Bulgari family. They shed light on Lisa’s absence from a high-profile event, citing concerns related to COVID-19 in 2021 and ongoing tours in 2023. Intriguingly, while Lisa was unable to attend the event, her fellow Blackpink members were able to participate in their respective engagements.

Another topic of concern for fans is the lack of transparency surrounding Lisa’s album sales figures. Initial reports from South Korea indicated that her solo debut album achieved an impressive 950,000 sales, combining pre-orders and subsequent purchases. However, fans have noticed a dearth of updates on Lisa’s album sales figures, unlike the regular updates provided for her bandmates. This lack of information has left fans questioning the motives behind the apparent secrecy, leading to suspicions that Lisa’s accomplishments might be deliberately concealed.

Fans have also observed disparities in promotional efforts during Lisa’s solo era, particularly within South Korea. Notably, Lisa received limited exposure and promotion, with her absence from popular variety shows drawing attention. Additionally, her media appearances were scheduled primarily after her track “Money” gained viral popularity. This unconventional approach to promotion has left fans puzzled, raising concerns about the allocation of resources and attention within YG Entertainment. Furthermore, fans were surprised to see Lisa involved in filming for her new sister group instead of actively promoting her solo album.

Adding to the intrigue, there has been no official confirmation from YG Entertainment regarding the renewal of Blackpink’s contracts. This absence of clarity has left fans uncertain about Lisa’s intentions. Fans speculate that her increased freedom in scheduling, including visits to her family and attendance at fashion events, may indicate a potential departure from the company.

Recent articles claiming that Lisa was offered a substantial sum of $81 million to leave YG Entertainment have further fuelled speculation. Surprisingly, the company has remained silent, refraining from addressing or dispelling the rumors surrounding Lisa’s potential departure. This lack of an official response stands in contrast to YG Entertainment’s typical practice of issuing statements when rumors circulate about other artists.

As fans anxiously await official announcements and seek clarity, the future of Lisa and her role in Blackpink remains uncertain.

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YG will wait until BabyMonster debuts to announce what will happen with Blackpink, that’s what they did with 2NE1 before, rn you can see their company is overworking them for the tour so the money can be used on BabyMonster’s debut later on lol


that’s what happened to 2NE1. you can google it


Bom scandal was huge by itself maybe you can google it


Bom’s “scandal” was huge because the company refused to address it properly. Didn’t even give her a chance like they did with GD.


She’s too good for the rest of members, but if she’s about to quit. Idk what will she do except modelling, cz her voice is just so so


Lisa better to go solo, it’s really hard to carry a group that has lazy, tone deaf, and lack of energy members in it.


I hope so. She deserves better when always cover up Jennie laziness.


This puppet and the other three puppets are going to renew their contract because without yg’s media play they are nothing. Her voice is horrible, her rap sucks, she doesn’t even write it, the only thing she has is that she dances well, but she’s not the best either, where is she going to go? 


bffr. they’re not going anywhere. they only got to where they are because of yg and his connections

Seungri Oppa ❤️

Time to expand Seungri Oppa ❤️ business to Thailand.


I hope for her own good that she leaves. But I REALLY don’t believe she was actually offered $81 million. Top idols aren’t financially struggling ofc but they really don’t make as much money as people seem to think.




Bp has limited talent, especially Jisoo and Lisa sing very weakly, Lisa only sings instinctively and has a loud voice, the rest is nothing, and Lisa’s vocal is the weakest, Jisoo is always beaten bad vocals


Lisa is a dancer rapper and vocalist. She can do pretty well. U can shut ur mouth.


Lol why would she? It’s like if the Samsung daughter disowned her family.


Why would YG update sales if she is not even selling anything? Laloser has shitty and poor fans who can only stream but can’t afford to buy an album.


it’s selling. It has sold more copies on Hanteo than in Gaon/circle chart (where normally album sales are higher)


Jenma and Laloser are treated the best in YG. Why would she leave? Lalpser stans playing victim card again. She not the damsel in distress you wan her to be.


Laloser is shit and talentless. No other company wants her.


Lisa is stupid or what? Why do her fans post content like this. Make her seem so sensitive and bullied but it must be the opposite. She is a dumbass so I get her fans. like bitch got scammed, cant speak on interviews, does cringe aegyo. Her fans even says her members don’t treat her right but she still clings to them (maybe bcoz laloser is boring they don’t even wanna talk to her.)


YG treats her the better than what her untalented and uglyass deserves.


Lmao none of those bitches are gonna leave. They love the easy money. Who else is gonna leave a job where you don’t hv to work and just get into the studio every 2 yrs to record 4 songs and then dip while your corrupt company keeps buying u awards and +ve news articles and then get to fly on jets while their dogs defend u like its their job?? No one.


Foreheadsa only has popularity bcoz YG pushed that bitch from the start. She cant sing, cant rap without blaccent, does CA and does mid dance and can only twerk. Nbd else wants her trust me. She is only relevant because of yg. Why would she leave?
Laloser was never popular. The only reason she got streams was because disgusting viral Money song which she did not even make herself. Author think she will get sales when she doesnt even have fans. Who will buy shitty songs from a shitty idol. Yg oppa cant fake it too bcoz he wasted all his money on her paid fake vma award.
Koreans dont like untalented bitches so no need to Yg promote Foreheadsa. Yg saved his money instead to buy more awards and streams for her.
Author trying to make laloser relevant bcoz nbd pays attention to her.


Tiktok and payola queen Laloser. You are unemployed and a liar. Like idols like fans I guess


I am glad yg didnt promote that bitch. She is untalented and only ruins whatever she participates in. If she leaves, at least BP won’t be dragged because of her uselessness.


What will she do then? Lisa can only dance. She can’t sing. Her only option to release songs would be rap but she can’t even do that properly.


Marry frederic arnault


she’s a good trophy wife material


She really needs to leave that company. She will show so much potential as a solo artist. She also seems friendly and lovable and the constant controversy of bp and YG will also not work on her favour. More power to her if she exists from that company. I am not even her fan but I have seen the blatant discrimination for her and other members out in public. She can either join her Thai bestie bambam or any other company which are good for solo acts.


She cant sing, cant rap and is an avg dancer. What potential??

Last edited 5 months ago by Naysayer

She can dance and even tho she can’t write her own raps. She is a decent idol rapper. She doens’t have to even produce her albums and just work as a dance mentor in the industry while being an influencer too. I mean it’s not a hidden fact that only she and rose are the only things who are really giving the energy to have bp on float as a group. She is giving her all in dance and rose is trying her all in singing. But it’s very clear they both are going fed up of all the singing and dancing things they aren’t able to do. That’s why the reason why rose is going for all other music companies and Lisa is going with all her idol friends in other companies. It’s pretty clear they are not into the group anymore and want to do their solo acts. Because it’s very very clear YG is constantly only favouring their two princess and not these members who are actually showing potential of idols till now. I am not even their fan but they are one of the idols who are least try to work and showcase it. Maybe just maybe if they finally bid their goodbyes to YG and bp we may see their true form as an artist. But it’s just a maybe.

Pedotaehyung and Pedomin

As expected, the pedo stans are flocking the comments. Ratmys, focus on your pedo faves


She’s the best out of the members (which isn’t hard to do) but their fandom gasses them up too much. Their careers are only possible int the east. The west do not and will not care outside of their twink blinks

Last edited 5 months ago by Blinkpink

Lol all of them flopped, every time they collab with western artist, the western artist flops hard, even if before, that didn’t happen. It happend with gaga,dua lipa, Selena, now with the weekend and Lisa and taeyang collab couldn’t even enter the charts.
She is incapable of doing music, doesn’t write her own lyrics, can’t rap, some say she can dance but there are others who are ten times better. No company will want her. Her only option is to continue being an insta model or marry Frederick or just go back to Thailand. Unfortunately for Lalaloser, the fans hype isn’t gp. Blackoink girls were made to believe they’re famous, but their demand is limited. Plus with all the other gg, coming strongly and hungry, they can kiss goodbye they’re contracts and pseudo fame. Forehead Thai monkey, has no option than to retire same as the others blackoink girls.


I really pity your life. Kpop made you a racist, misogyny, bully, what else. The girls you insult is more relevant and rich and occupied in real life. Keep mad.

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