Lisa’s Potential Exit from YG Entertainment

As the expiration date of Blackpink’s contracts approaches in August 2023, fans have been swept up in a wave of speculation surrounding Lisa, one of the group’s cherished members, and her future with YG Entertainment. Over the past two years, observant fans have noticed a series of suspicious incidents involving the company’s treatment of their foreign idol, fueling the speculation of her potential departure.

One incident that has fueled the rumors involves comments made by members of the prestigious Bulgari family. They shed light on Lisa’s absence from a high-profile event, citing concerns related to COVID-19 in 2021 and ongoing tours in 2023. Intriguingly, while Lisa was unable to attend the event, her fellow Blackpink members were able to participate in their respective engagements.

Another topic of concern for fans is the lack of transparency surrounding Lisa’s album sales figures. Initial reports from South Korea indicated that her solo debut album achieved an impressive 950,000 sales, combining pre-orders and subsequent purchases. However, fans have noticed a dearth of updates on Lisa’s album sales figures, unlike the regular updates provided for her bandmates. This lack of information has left fans questioning the motives behind the apparent secrecy, leading to suspicions that Lisa’s accomplishments might be deliberately concealed.

Fans have also observed disparities in promotional efforts during Lisa’s solo era, particularly within South Korea. Notably, Lisa received limited exposure and promotion, with her absence from popular variety shows drawing attention. Additionally, her media appearances were scheduled primarily after her track “Money” gained viral popularity. This unconventional approach to promotion has left fans puzzled, raising concerns about the allocation of resources and attention within YG Entertainment. Furthermore, fans were surprised to see Lisa involved in filming for her new sister group instead of actively promoting her solo album.

Adding to the intrigue, there has been no official confirmation from YG Entertainment regarding the renewal of Blackpink’s contracts. This absence of clarity has left fans uncertain about Lisa’s intentions. Fans speculate that her increased freedom in scheduling, including visits to her family and attendance at fashion events, may indicate a potential departure from the company.

Recent articles claiming that Lisa was offered a substantial sum of $81 million to leave YG Entertainment have further fuelled speculation. Surprisingly, the company has remained silent, refraining from addressing or dispelling the rumors surrounding Lisa’s potential departure. This lack of an official response stands in contrast to YG Entertainment’s typical practice of issuing statements when rumors circulate about other artists.

As fans anxiously await official announcements and seek clarity, the future of Lisa and her role in Blackpink remains uncertain.