It’s like you’re against the whole k-pop if you stan these groups

As someone who stans NCT and Twice. It’s like I haven’t seen peace on my k-pop timeline ever. It’s always either this or that group stans dragging them to hell. I don’t stan seventeen or Stray Kids but I think the situation is also same over there. 

Stanning these groups are like being against the whole k-pop community. With people bringing up NCT songs and troubling past. Also not to mention the sub unit fandoms as well as solo member fandoms being up on each other throats. Since my whole 3 months of stanning them I have realised NCTzens are truly different from other fandoms. In Twice case from them not doing great like before in Korean charts to members can’t sing and not to forget always doing cutsey concepts are included to drag them. Not to mention CandyBongs have literally been declared as one of the prohibited items to bring in their faves concerts. People can bring other group Lightsticks. But heaven forbid if they ever bring Candybong. 

With Seventeen I think people love to drag the members for minimal things. Like their goals of being more successful. Like godforbid if people become more successful than they are right now. I don’t stan them as i earlier said but seventeen do get a lot of hate from other idols. 

In case of Stray Kids. I don’t think I really need to explain it. You can go have a trip around k-pop twitter and you can easily find atleast two to five articles with huge number of likes literally dragging the kids to filth. 

Well, I really don’t know what to say. But I think k-pop fandoms have kind of normalised hating on these groups. 

Like a post about another idol smoking and suddenly NCT is involved. Like where is the connection. Also not to mention they can’t move past Sticker like at all even after a year. Also with twice still being labelled as someone who does kidsbop or cocomelon. Like? Yeah cry for me, i can’t stop me etc are most definitely the songs made for kids. And also strawberry. Seventeen can’t ever have a dream about getting a bbma or having a song in hot 100. Stray Kids why are they even going around. Like the group isn’t charting better and better with each comeback.

Well these were my opinions. Which group do you think are as same as this. Whose hate is getting normalised.

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NcT is flop. Twice isn’t as popular as before but still had their heyday. Their lipsync controversy hit them hard. I don’t think svt and stray kids get that much hate though


I agree. Especially the JYP hate on pann is real


i mostly curate my own timeline, run blockchains on akgaes and trolls so i don’t see many fanwars on my feed

But I wasn’t done

This doesn’t apply internationally


None of them gets as much hate as bts…. bts gets hate for literally breathing…. so let’s stop.

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You wouldn’t survive as an army. All of that of those issues u mentioned are the things we deal with here. Except for the between our own fandom fights like nctzen or the whole can’t chart claims Twice gets. But everything else


nct and svt fans presence in twt world are almost unheard unless their stan tried something unprovoked
the self victimising is so big


you wouldnt last a day being a blackpink fan then lol, beside the awful akgaes and solo stans fights, the girls get awful amounts of hate in every single platform, tiktoks body shaming the girls=1M likes, youtube videos saying how they are trash and how their music and them suck =1M views(there are other with more views lol), reddits post praising them get locked cus the comments turn nasty fast, you cant praise bp in reddit, threads upon threads on twitter calling them untalented,wh*res,slvts, that they sleep with every men and thats why they are popular =10k+ likes, instagram accounts threatening to post p+rn deep fakes and made them viral,the girls being hacked and their privacy invaded, Jennie being trashed in every single social media platform, being called all kind of names in pann,theqoo,weibo,male dominated forums…

all kpop groups gets tons of hate even more the most popular ones, you feel like the groups you stan are the only ones or the most affected cus you dont see the other side, KPOP community in general is a toxic community

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