Jungkook’s new song Seven got exposed using adds for easy success

Jungkook of BTS has released his first song after BTS chapter two which is a collab named seven feat Latto. The song was heavily promoted by company. For this debut he teamed up with controversial figure Scooter Braun who is Hybe’s ceo for USA. He is known as Taylor Swifts ex manager who took ownership of her discography in fradulent way. Many were already upset with that. But as the song released fans discovered Jungkook is using adds in all platform. This has never happened with BTS. Many are thinking Scooter braun is doing all these to make Jungkook more successful.The song is already getting massive promo, playlists, multiple versions combined stream,multiple remixes.Many has already question about this favoutism of Bighit’s behaviour.  Previously jingkook’s collab with Charlie Puth did well but World cup song Dreamer didn’t do well despite having massive exposure.

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Fake news, you are just antis


You are fake.


As expected from uglykook


If he was ugly…then what are u? a dirt?


Nice try. So what are you? Blinks? Exo-l? Pjms?


Probably blinks and Esoel. Because those two fandoms who couldn’t stan BTS member beating their favs

berry island

y’all are so miserable with all your bs.

Berry Island

how many fake accounts do you all have?


Solo antis and blinks editing some of these is just so funny to me. 20M streams first DAY is not bc of ads bffr


If jungkook did payola, armys didn’t need to complain here and there for the chart, yet we’re always screaming for mistakes that the company did and complaining for the unfairness of the charts. So tiring, must be so happy to those artist who did payola, they just need to sit nicely and enjoy the high charting song 😩


The improper credits, the no.23 on TTH when he got 20 M unfiltered and 15 M filtered streams. Blonk didn’t even try hard to push their color color BP because the spotify back door. Its no.1 debuts on Today’s Top Hits despite got lower streamings than Seven.

My Euphoria

What kind of BS is this?
Adds” is not the same as ads. You should brush up on your reading skills.
“Adds” means that radio can add a song to their rotation by a certain date IF they want to. There is no guarantee they will even play the song regularly or at all. BTS and its members do not use ads, period.Also, Spotify allows combining the original song with the explicit version. Any other versions are counted separately. Too much spam, BS and misinformation here.


You are so funny, clown


In fact you should finish your English study first.


Baby you made a spelling mistake in the title, just pathetic all the way around <3

mona lisa kinda lisa

didn’t think i’d see the day when bts’ organic image would fall down because of their “most popular member” nonetheless, embarrassing.. i also got the spotify ad today despite having all of them including the group blocked

Fuck your mother

Blonks , eggs and pjms are work hard to dragged Jungkook success , Just wait to see this song going viral around the world.

local truth teller

literally nobody listens to that song outside of yall rabid freaks. start kissing scooter’s feet and praying he’ll continue supporting the ads otherwise that payola kid will have the most embarrassing fall when it comes to streams lmao


What else can we expect from drainage?

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