K-Pop Fans Angry About ILLIT ‘Magnetic’ Autoplay Feature (feat. Spotify)

K-Pop Fans Angry About ILLIT ‘Magnetic’ Autoplay Feature (feat. Spotify)

Magnetic is played after Kitsch on Spotify
Drama -> Magnetic
I AM -> Magnetic
Perfect Night -> Magnetic
Midas Touch -> Magnetic
EASY -> Magnetic
SHEESH -> Magnetic

Not only K-pop but it is also played after Tyla and Ariana Grande’s songs

Spotify Autoplay is like a YouTube advertising program so this is a legal activity

It seems like some listeners are tired of only being played one song

The account owner is extremely angry with the autoplay feature

ILLIT has finally achieved the highest streaming record for a girl group’s debut song on Spotify

1. BLACKPINK is the first group who did this, right? All foreign singers are doing it

2. The record was achieved by paying~

3. This is why HYBE’s operating profit is low

4. I guess this is why HYBE didn’t make money because they spent money on viral marketing. The scale must be different from other companies

5. How much money did they spend?

6. Honestly, not only ILIT but also BTS Jungkook and NewJeans are like that… HYBE seems to be spending a lot of money on these things

7. HYBE is ruining K-pop

8. However, people still say that ILLIT beat NewJeans on Spotify

9. These are the princesses of Bang Si Hyuk

10. HYBE spent a lot of money on ILLIT

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