Netizens are confused about the fact that the NewJeans members are all minors but they’re not going to school

Hul the NewJeans members are all minors but they’re not going to school

Even though they don’t really need to go to school…!

1. NewJeans members are all happy and healthy, so what..? You should worry about your life first…

2. I’m still so jealous of them, whether they go to school or not, they found their career path when they were young and they were successful

3. Hul so they must have no friends aside from each other

4. No, of course, the company will do a good job of educating, but it’s a pity that they have no social skills or memories of school days

5. That’s why idols say they don’t have friends

6. It’s a pity that they don’t have any memories of their school days

7. If I could, I would drop out of middle school and become an idol

8. Besides studying, they will need social life with friends besides idol life

9. Every time I see a post like this, I feel that the structure of the idol industry is really harmful

10. Shouldn’t they at least attend primary school?

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Why do you spread lies? Minji and Hanni already graduated from high school and they aren’t minors. Dani is learning in Australian school from online lessons and she will graduate this year. Hyein is also in middle school. The only person that had hiatus in school was Haerin, but it was during trainee days.


Should have worried about it earlier. They should more worry about that ped0 woman min hee jin tho.





blinks need to shut the fuck up actually

pretty sure the girls have finished high school or are taking online courses. bts literally got their masters by doing exactly that while touring the world.. if there is will to study, they will quietly do that while minding their careers

though blackpink are literal high school dropouts but I don’t see knets seeking about it.. EVER. interesting how these “issues” never apply to them

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