Netizens are confused after seeing Lucas’s billboard hanging at Seoul Forest Station

Lucas’ billboard hanging at Seoul Forest Station

“Even if the sky falls, there will be a hole that rises up. Even if the sky falls, there’s a sun that shines”

But I don’t know what this billboard is for????

1. What’s up? What does that mean?

2. They’re telling SM to save Lucas again, right?

3. He still has fans…?

4. I thought it was Kang Sunghoon

5. Which group does Lucas belong to?

6. Are they foreign fans?

7. Is he still an NCT member? Or did he leave the group?

8. What crime did he commit?

9. “Even if the sky falls, there will be a hole that rises up” Even people who don’t know Lucas think Lucas committed a crime

10. The Chinese kids did it?

11. Does he still have fans??

12. But this is so funny

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Ugh please save us from delusional fans stanning problematic men

No name

As an nctzen we don’t claim him. It’s either those lumis or ot23. We ot22 want him out of the group. So please don’t include us in whatever the hell is done over here.


On a side note… damn that’s a lot of members. How do you keep up with them all? Gen/ and how do you have time for other groups??? I know that group is always busy.


SM needs to be direct with it and just say that they kicked him out. This is getting ridiculous


Some fans are hopeless. I fear for these ppl in real life relationships


He will back when his contract expired. Can’t wait to see his gossip Kpop books

bch al

Reading your article helped me a lot and I agree with you. But I still have some doubts, can you clarify for me? I’ll keep an eye out for your answers.

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