Netizens are disappointed with ticket prices for NewJeans 1st Fan Meeting ‘Bunnies Camp’

NewJeans 1st Fan Meeting ‘Bunnies Camp’ announcement

ADOR announced that it was confirmed that NewJeans will hold their first fan meeting, ‘Bunnies Camp’, on July 1 and 2 at the SK Olympic Handball Stadium in Seoul

1. Seriously, HYBE is crazyㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ There’s no limit to HYBE’s madness for money

2. Online ticket prices are crazy

3. Why are online ticket prices so expensive????

4. It’s not even a concert, but it’s 110,000 won for the fans

5. What’s going on with the fan meeting ticket prices? HYBE really ruined everything

6. The fan meeting is no longer the fan meeting… They try to make as much money as a concert through the fan meeting

7. No, the price is crazy.. HYBE is crazy

8. Wow…. Why is it so expensive even though it’s online?

9. Even if I like it, I can’t go with that price

10. NewJeans is good, but the price is too expensive

11. 60,000 won????????

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Well Hybe invested a lot in them, so the price gotta be hella expensive


But for online?


it’s 45$ like always


They are gonna lie about the online attendance to mediaplay the first concert numbers lmao


The prices for their groups’ online live viewing has always been like this , kinda annoys me but whatever, I always share with a twitter mutual so it will become cheaper for both of us ☠️


It ain’t even that bad?

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