Netizens are divided over G-Dragon’s recent Instagram story regarding the Itaewon disaster

What is GD’s Instagram story that is represented by his own brand design?

The daisy flower image, his own brand design,,,, Why?

[+108, -484]

1. [+255, -10] The meaning of the daisy itself is peace, and he also sent a message in the post. GD must have been more heartbroken because he lived in Itaewon all his life

2. [+197, -4] A famous football player took a black and white photo of his free kick and posted it, but no one said anything and just focused on his condolences. GD was born and raised in Itaewon, anyway I don’t think he uses it to promote his brand

3. [+170, -6] Seriously, I don’t really care about GD, but when I see him being criticized on Pann, I feel bad for him..

4. [+72, -88] It’s disgusting that he’s using a tragic event to promote his brand

5. [+66, -1] I really didn’t have any opinion on GD’s post

6. [+34, -1] Haters who care about GD more than anyone else have flocked here.. They are more sincere than real fans

7. [+31, -21] To him, someone’s death is just an opportunity or means to show his identity

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