Netizens are divided over Got the Beat making a comeback next January

[Exclusive] Got the Beat makes a comeback next January… To release a new song after 1 year

Got the Beat will release a new song in January next year

Got the Beat is a project girl group consisting of female artists representing SM Entertainment, including BoA, SNSD Taeyeon and Hyoyeon, Red Velvet Seulgi and Wendy, Aespa Karina and Winter

1. The lyrics are not good.. What is the image that SM is pursuing as a group?

2. Please pay more attention to the lyrics

3. Only fans of the participating members are happy

4. I love it, but if I was a fan of Aespa, I would really hate it

5. Please use normal lyrics

6. Why didn’t Aespa make the comeback? SM is so bad

7. I guess the people who asked for Aespa’s comeback aren’t fans

8. I couldn’t listen to their song last time because of the lyrics, but please, I hope they do well this time

9. I had high expectations, but I was disappointed twice, so I can’t expect it

10. I wish there was a song from a producer other than Yoo Young Jin

11. Aespa please come back

12. I wish Rain wrote the lyrics

13. Why does SM keep tying Aespa to existing groups?

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Are they gonna make the 40 year old hag boa sing about silly girls trying to steal her man?


As she should, queen boa


She should not be singing songs like that. Hate her or love her, BOA made a name for herself in kpop and she should be singing about her strength and women being strong in themselves, not about a man.


She can sing whatever she wants you know

sm suck money

At first I had this expectation from them but not anymore, I just hope the next song will be good


The only way RV be relevant again 😭😭


They are 8 years in the industry don’t think they really care lmao


apparently they do 💀💀 otherwise they wouldn’t force aespa to constantly collab with them

their group cbs flopped, their solos flopped, their most famous member is now known as a 30 year old bully… they’re done


This is cringe


the lyric is so childish, it amazes me they could rank that high back at the time 🤢 silly girl my a$$ lmao SM and their dreamy disney kwangsh*t dellusion

spicy spice

10. I wish there was a song from a producer other than Yoo Young Jin

this man is outdated.

Gangnam Beauty

how stressed and desperate you are to be an SM hater!!!
like a ghost, between there and nothing !!!


I suspect boa is the one making this, so that she can be put in a group with junior and to prove her relevance.


Can SM stop fcking fumbling the bag and give them a better song? Because they have a girl group that’s supposed to be the cream of the crop of SM Ent. and they gave them a song about a fcking man. Like wtf was that? We were expecting girl power and they gave us insecure girlfriend song. GIVE. THEM. BETTER. SONGS.


why blame sm for everything?

there are 3 members who are well into their 30s and 2 members that are about to turn 30 in the group. if they had a problem with the concept and the song… they would’ve spoken up.


I see you’re a child who doesn’t know how contracts work.


Sm always force their artists on everything even when baekhyun voiced his opinions on superm got scolded by lee sooman for three hours. Their artists have to argue with them for the song choice especially when that old hag already decided it is hard to change


it’s a flop off


Hagoa, Noseyeon, Hyogre: *reaching menopause*

Wendell and Sluggie: *about to hit 30*



Though I also belive lyrics are cringe but your cmnt is so irrelevant. Hyoyeon is just 33 years old. Boa herself is 38 menopause happens after 50. Have some brain before cmnting


SM newer group are flop they try to transfer older group fans and their popularity into new group by create cogroup like SuperM but it didn’t work since no one outside SM stan care about them


If good not also superM was a failure? At least the song of Got the Beat is still playing.


SuperM= BTS rivals
Got = Blackpink wanna be


Lol Superm = BTS wanna be rivals because let’s face it. They are in a completely different league. SuperM competing with 4th gen for relevance let’s be honest.


I actually liked superm songs but not got

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