Netizens are shocked by BTS’s influence in the world after their enlistment announcement

BTS’ influence is seriously hugeㅋㅋ

Seriously daebak.. The United States, United Kingdom, Japan, and other parts of the world are talking about BTS’ enlistment in the news

They say that no one has more international contribution than BTS

[+922, -43]

1. [+290, -9] BTS is the top star in the world, I’m really moved when I see something like this

2. [+267, -6] They even mentioned the economic value of BTS

3. [+217, -7] BTS said that they were going on vacation before that, but they misunderstood, so BTS’ holiday announcement even appeared on BBC News

4. [+203, -8] BTS are living legends

5. [+81, -1] There are rumors that the world will laugh at Korea if we exempt BTS from military service because of their popularity, but in reality, are you watching foreign press saying that 5 trillion will be blown away every year?

6. [+67, -2] Seeing this, our country looks a bit stupid

7. [+55, -2] I don’t know now, but after BTS retires, the day will come when this story will be reevaluated

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Bet Koreans don’t read popular non army/neutral/local tweets about this lol


They are still with their ignorant with saying “WhAt iS BtS cOnTRibuTioN fOr OuR CoUNtrY?? ThEy oNlY mAkE mOnEy fOr ThemSeLf111111111111”


To #5: Dude, this is not a rumor. This is actually happening right now!


I think you misread it, #5 is saying the rumour is they’ll be laughed at if they DO exempt them, instead they’re being laughed at for NOT exempting them


Lmaoo everyone laughing at korea rn… except those and bitter kpop stans.

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The way they replying to all local tweets.. embarrassing


only haters and biased people will continue to diminish bts’ impact on the economy

yes, korean economy won’t collapse, but you’re lying to yourself if you think contributing $3.6 billion EACH year is something insignificant.


Also, are knetz being deliberately obtuse or are they that ignorant abt when economists are talking abt BTS financial impact, they mean the impact it has on SOUTH KOREA’s economy, as a whole, not what BTS/Hybe is making?

I’m seeing commenters think articles are talking abt money in BTS’s pockets, but no, this is the money that goes to third-party local businesses bc of BTS’s events/promotions. It’s why Vegas had no problem going purple for 2 weeks, the areas BTS go to get a substantial financial and/or advertising boost bc of their presence and activities.

But I wasn’t done…

Korea looks entirely stupid to the rest of the world. This is what happens when you let antis and kpoppies control the narrative on bts enlistment all these years. Armys “if you’re not Korean then you have no opinion” contributed to this mess hugely


armys self righteousness is their own downfall. How did they think hushing international fans on enlistment would help the boys??? Should have been loud af to the Korean government to let them know what they were losing by enlisting. Show them how important bts was for Korea on an international stage but no… armys had to be armys


Kpop stans fingers prob cramping from all the replies they are posting to lo als tweets being nasty and pro military. A cancer….esp blinks and exols.


oh if yall just knew how stupid you look right now

Vivi⁷ ⁱˢ ᴾʳᵒᵒᶠ🌹💜

Have they found out yet that many know that 70K people got exempted each year. This includes their current president, plus many chaebols, & politicians/ministers children. I see a lot of corruption going on, and the world is seeing them for how dumb they are for not doing the same for a group that helps bring billions to their economy


sk gov looks like the dumbest people rn and knetz and kmedia are worst… you have the fastest wifi in this damn world for what exactly? to watch kimchi recipe? it took me one day in the btsarmy fandom in 2019 (me an african who doesn’t even have wifi at home) to discover how big BTS is and their impact worldwide shit y’all don’t deserve my boys but remember karma is the biggest btsarmy out there and she hits really hard when she’s pissed off


Good Morning America & NewsLive are all under ABC which is 1 company. BBC is from the UK. NBC also a major broadcast station. Those are the only ones so far ive seen with broadcast. The others are minor platforms. The rest are just video clips on these news and broadcast companies youtube channels.
They keep comparing this to Elvis because they havent heard of this term since then. Kpop has been growing in the US but they never realize that they have to go through serve so generally speaking its a big shock to news outlets.

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