Netizens criticize after knowing SM’s documentary “Lee Soo Man: King of K-Pop” is in production

SM documentary “Lee Soo Man: The King of K-Pop” is in production

Coming soon on Amazon Prime

Production is underway on ‘Lee Soo Man: The King of K-Pop,’ a feature documentary from production company This Machine that will land on Prime Video

1. Ajusshi, please stop

2. Stop doing what you want to do

3. What really surprises me is that even in South America, where the Internet doesn’t work well, when they think of Korea, they think of BTS. There are BTS fans everywhere.. Who is saying Lee Soo Man is the king of K-Pop?

4. Is he going to talk about his days being wanted by Interpol?

5. The king of K-Pop is BTS

6. It’s like he’s living in the glory of the past

7. What kind of K-pop is the Chinese dream? It’s C-pop

8. Doesn’t he have plans to make China the Hollywood of Asia?

9. His influence is undeniable, but he’s not the king of K-Pop

10. The Chinese dream, Hollywood, is he going to talk about it again?

11. Why is he like that?

12. No one thinks he’s the King of K-pop

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Nobody in this world thinks that he’s the King of K-Pop that man is super embarrassing omg


Wow, that’s so cringey


The Interpol comment is taking me out 😭😭

Last edited 6 months ago by Malubika

I want the ending of that doc to be the police busting his door down and putting him in cuff then taking him to jail

meow meow

he’s just manifesting guys


My internet works just fine, comment #3 😭


He is so cringe….always puts himself at the front like he is an idol himself. Embarrassing.


“What really surprises me is that even in South America, where the Internet doesn’t work well”
Uhmm what?? Do this person think south americans are like primitives? lmao


The King of Lipsync is a Genre!

Kim Jong Un

LeeSM I support you!!!
if HYBE, JYP, and YG, object or disagree with this statement, they will definitely protest, the fact is not the case. right??

to hell with them.

Heyy Knetz, a.k.a Army … BTS and even Army weren’t even born in the world and are still in their mother’s womb while LeeSM is already at the stage of creating K-pop culture, without SM, LeeSM kpop doesn’t exist bro !!!!
deserving and worthy of LeeSM as King KPop.
BTS just continued…

But I wasn’t done…

Cryyyyyyyyy morrrrrrrreeee

Don't Follow Me

Cringe comment


he is everything wrong with the industry

pranpriya m.

LSM created all the evil things in kpop. Just look at TVXQ and their slave contracts. Seo Taiji and the Boys tried to create music for the youth and LSM exploited the youth and baited them with 13 year slave contracts. He is wanted by Interpol too so wtf lmao


stop embarrassing urself jesus 🤦

But I wasn’t done…

Kings of kpop is BTS iktr

This old man is so jealous of Bangtan he can’t see straight. It would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic


This the same man who went ahead and got a statue and a street named after him in Los Angeles even though all his groups flop in america. He truly has to be the most delusional C.E.O ever. What’s taking Kakao or Cjem so long? Weren’t they gonna purchase Lee Soo Man’s shares and kick him out of the company already?

spicy spice

obsession at its finest. lol.

Gangnam Beauty

keep going Mr. LeeSM…
I like your style!!!


My internet works pretty well, thanks… wtf

Yoo yaho

can’t wait to see the beginning of SM entertainment formed !!!

Great job SM !!!

Angela Rivera

No ha salido el documental y ya puedo ver como trata de acreditarse el éxito de BTS, seguramente también asegurara que fue el pionero y que todo se le debe a él. Espero salga pronto el documental de los chicos con Disney y muestren que la razón de estar donde están es únicamente gracias a su esfuerzo, compromiso, dedicación constante, los fans y también le daré crédito a Bang Pd y el equipo de trabajo que estuvo con ellos desde el principio.

Park Ji-Sung

LeeSM was the pioneer of kpop while BTS just continued, and that’s a fact!!


Then use the word pioneer, not “king”

Park Ji-Sung

Ughh army … ughh … army is sensitive about “king”


i’m beginning to think you’re the same person using different names 😭


lee sm is a senile old man wanted by interpol who collected blood from his artists to sell it to rabid fans, who did nothing when tvxq’s sasaeng almost killed yunho and would constantly break into their dorm, pioneer of parasocial relationship, blacklisted former tvxq members from appearing on broadcast, mistreated hangeng, fined 18 million dollars in 2021 for funneling funds to his pockets and the list even goes on

but sure keep sucking his old, wrinkly chicken d*ck. no guarantee he’ll give you money since he’s a greedy little man


Almost half[42] of snooze generation’s 100wins are in KBS, kpop veterans call kbs sm’s network.
Agents descended on SM ent,founder LeeSuMan,BRIBES by Music Moguls to TV Execs HUGE-
convicted in court of law for embezzling&BRIBERY-

Park Ji-Sung

Army very sensitive so much …. Ahahahahahahahahahahah 😂😂😂


Tell me something more cringe than this, i’ll wait…


Mr. Lee it is time to retire, you are senile. Bang PD must be cracking up reading that “king of K-pop”.


i’m looking forward for the most cringey documentary omg

Binance Pag-sign Up

I don’t think the title of your article matches the content lol. Just kidding, mainly because I had some doubts after reading the article.

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