Netizens criticize after knowing SM’s documentary “Lee Soo Man: King of K-Pop” is in production

SM documentary “Lee Soo Man: The King of K-Pop” is in production

Coming soon on Amazon Prime

Production is underway on ‘Lee Soo Man: The King of K-Pop,’ a feature documentary from production company This Machine that will land on Prime Video

1. Ajusshi, please stop

2. Stop doing what you want to do

3. What really surprises me is that even in South America, where the Internet doesn’t work well, when they think of Korea, they think of BTS. There are BTS fans everywhere.. Who is saying Lee Soo Man is the king of K-Pop?

4. Is he going to talk about his days being wanted by Interpol?

5. The king of K-Pop is BTS

6. It’s like he’s living in the glory of the past

7. What kind of K-pop is the Chinese dream? It’s C-pop

8. Doesn’t he have plans to make China the Hollywood of Asia?

9. His influence is undeniable, but he’s not the king of K-Pop

10. The Chinese dream, Hollywood, is he going to talk about it again?

11. Why is he like that?

12. No one thinks he’s the King of K-pop

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