Netizens react after seeing the cast of tvN ‘Seojin’s’ including BTS V

The cast of tvN ‘Seojin’s’

Lee Seo Jin x Park Seo Joon x Jung Yumi x Choi Woo Shik x BTS V

1. I’m waiting for Taehyung ㅠㅠ

2. Except for V, it’s Youn’s Stay members, but I’m looking forward to seeing what V is like

3. I don’t think Lee Seo Jin and V’s personalities match, but I’m curious what they’ll be like

4. I’m looking forward to Taehyung

5 .It must be fun to see V on TV

6. Wow!!!! I want to see V soon!!!

7. I really like Jung Yumi

8. Park Seo Joon, Choi Woo Shik, V, can’t wait

9. First of all, it’s obvious that Choi Woo Shik and V can’t make food at all.. This is so funny

10. I’m curious about the interaction between Lee Seo Jin and V ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

11. V on TV.. Wow the day like this is coming

12. I’m curious about Lee Seo Jin and V’s chemistry ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

13. I trust Park Seo Joon’s entertainment skills

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Lazy Banana

I’m curious about Taehyung’s appearance too and a bit nervous. Taehyung doesn’t have much filter and really just says or does whatever is on his mind which I and ARMYs love about him but he gets a lot of hate because of his straightforwardness.


K-netz have to learn how to deal with V. They have no choice, period.


Its not just his “straightforwardness”
They judge from his facial expressions I’ve seen so much hate bcuz of that unfortunately


There’s a way to be straightforward and still be tactful and entertaining. It usually requires a certain charm, a way with words, and an affable demeanour. If enough people are indeed “misreading” his facial expressions then he may benefit by being freed from fan-coddling and actually do a little work on his presentation skills. It’s what anyone with aspirations in show business would do.
Let’s see how he does in this show, we’re all curious!


And Taehyung has that certain charm where he can be straight forward yet entertaining. That’s why he is so loved among fans as well as gp. Man is known as social butterfly he doesn’t have to worry about his presentation or interaction skills. *Those enough people who are misreading his facial expressions are his antis which is a must for the most popular idol. He doesn’t have to change a single thing to entertain his antis.


I feel like he will do well he is very good with others, I am sure he will be loved by the whole team there as well


He doesn’t get hate for his straightforwardness… where did you get that?? Lol


Bro the amount of hate he got for it is so huge where are you living 😭 on top of my head when he shut down an army who was asking him not to get tattoo antis were on his ass like they want him to be like their doll, their puppet but when he doesn’t act like one they hate him there have been numerous examples this is one that I remember but then again its from the time he was getting hate for literally breathing I mean he still gets but yeah

Lazy Banana

BTS members get hate for anything and you think Taehyung doesn’t get hate for his facial expressions, his speech, etc.? You’re lucky. Even on Reddit, people have been psychoanalyzing his every move. People either say he’s depressed or arrogant.

For example, on Weverse, any ARMY worth their salt knows Taehyung can be blunt and direct. He once told a fan to get out of their imagination after shipping themselves with Jungkook and guess what happened? Some idiots turned the blame on him and said how could he say that when he’s the one doing fanservice?

A fan on Weverse was telling him what to do and what not to do when it comes to their friendship tattoo so Taehyung replied that he will do what makes him happy. Guess what the wonderful and lovely knetz called him? They said he’s competing with this fan, that he’s stubborn. Look it up either here or Pannchoa, it’s fairly recent.

There are tons of other examples but wow, good for you that you don’t see them.


He gets hates from his antis and kpoppies just for breathing, they are creating troll accounts just to hate him…. no reason to give them attention at all.


Leeching off his friends again


yeah because a member of the most popular boy group in the world has to leech off of anyone !


Man is literally the most popular celebrity in the whole of asia atm what are you on bitch?


he’s the most popular member… it’s not like he needs to leech off bts’ name or western singers tho

Last edited 18 days ago by ivy

Talking about yourself again


Leeching off of his friends? lol crazy bitch, his friends are the one leeching off of him


If he the most popular idol is leeching off then ur fav is leeching off everybody lmao


I am really looking forward to the show coz seriously tae can’t cook to save his life gonna see cutie waiter 🤣 plus tae and wooshik these two together were so funny in ITS I am mostly looking forward to them


Not sure he can be waiter as i dont think either he is fluent in english. Maybe he become barista something beside seojin.


That’s the plot though and it makes it more exciting 😂 I am really looking forward to the show I am sure they will put him for a job that needs a lot of intraction


I hope army supports and hypes his tv show like it deserves. I don’t trust karmys with bts solo support or even group projects anymore

Lazy Banana

Same. Idk what’s going on with k-armys but they are so ineffective seriously. They’re the biggest fandom is South Korea but sometimes it feels like they’re boycotting all solo comebacks.


this show has huge ratings in korea. the first articles reporting about v joining the cast and the show airing on February went straight to #1 trending on naver… whether armys support taehyung on this one or not the show is gonna be ok


The show doesn’t have ratings yet, this is a new program I think. A spin off of Na PD’s existing show.


I feel like karmys are not adjusting with new charts its mostly gp driven but at the same time fandom plays a huge role in longevity like how ytc debut at no.1 on melon but there was no longevity coz the fandom was being lazy, then again hobi’s album a not gp friendly genre but karmys literally gave up on it indigo initially did good then as gp moved on it again slipped but for shows his last show was on ott so it doesn’t even make sense when people use that as it was literally topping in his country and many others and was on top 5 in every single country it was released while this will be released on tv I think 🤔 so lets see


ytc has longevity on the chart. idk why you are lying about that. bb & bts were the only bg in 2022 to have longevity unlike the others


Ytc doesn’t have any longevity if you compare it to what bts was on charts prior to changes even lgo had much better longevity in terms of topping than ytc I am not blaming karmys for everything damn thing like others but karmys have been slacking esp with ytc literally lost to lyw and the sole reason was streams


a mid off


Between you and your dad who never came back from buying milk, yes


thats your fave


A mid off or whatever, hide behind that screen of yours however much you want


All I know is that I’m excited to see him in this (and I’m happy he got his official casting credits).

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