Netizens talk about how BTS Jimin fits Dior in his new pictorial

BTS Jimin Dior new pictorial

1. So pretty, I think of the little prince

2. Wow, it’s so classy, ​​neat and pretty

3. Jimin is really elegant

4. Somehow, Jimin suits Dior well, he gives Dior young and cute vibes

5. He looks so neat and elegant, maybe it’s because he uses his body well

6. I don’t like Dior, but Jimin’s outfits look good, he looks cool

7. Park Dior is so cool and cute

8. He fits the image of Dior so well, elegant and modern

9. I’m not very interested in Dior, but the clothes look good

10. Elegant, cute and handsome ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

11. Why does he look cute to me no matter what he does?

12. It suits Jimin so well. Dior clothes are so pretty and neat

13. Our Jimin is so cool

14. He dresses so well, he looks good in whatever he wears

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Hey Jimin, you are nice, keep going!


He have the same expression in every picture 🥱


The amount of airbrush and photoshop in these pictures lol


He couldn’t smile in pictures because of his teeth 💀 fugly ass


Jimin is shining and truly winning right now while K-poppies, BTS antis and akgaes can’t suppress their jealousy. The global it boy showing how it’s done. So proud of him and glad he gets to try new things!


The clip was so cute 💜 The suit was nice but I think I liked the sweater vest fit on him more.


I don’t liket hat suit, but other Dior fits look great on him.

Jesus will kill pigmin

I’m sorry only army admitted that jimin is not uglee. For normal people he’s super disgusting ugly, he looks like a boar

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