Netizens think that each BTS member’s stocks are too small compared to their contributions

BTS is included in the ’10 billion club’ owning more than 10 billion won worth of stocks

Min Yoongi (Suga), Park Jimin (Jimin), Kim Taehyung (V) and Jeon Jungkook (Jungkook) each hold 68,385 stocks worth 13.3 billion won. Jung Hoseok (J-Hope), who has 62,784 stocks worth 12.2 billion won, Kim Namjoon (RM) has 11.3 billion won and Kim Seokjin (Jin) has 10.2 billion won

1. Please give BTS more stocks

2. I think it’s too small compared to their contributions

3. Bang Si Hyuk, I think you should give BTS more stocks

4. BTS has a lot of money other than stocks

5. I’m so jealous of them

6. Without BTS, there would be no HYBE

7. I hope they will treat BTS better in the future

8. Compared to BTS having a big influence on sales, 10 billion won per member is small

9. Bang Si Hyuk needs to give BTS a few hundred billion won more

10. BTS’s contributions are beyond imagination

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hoseok, namjoon and seokjin sold part of their shares before hence why they’re not the same as the other four remaining members.

idc about this tbh but I wonder why this news about their shares in the company suddenly appeared rn tho


I thought Suga too sold his share together with RM


Only RM jhope and Jin did .

K army

Actually so many army’s don’t know that BTS own only 0.50% or 1% of total shares…. While bang pd owns 38% of shares and yes BTS should atleast have 15%
Nd i think this sudden news of shares maybe bcz company want army’s to support all artists under hybe

Bcz so many Army’s think BTS is also owners of hybe so they shouldn’t let down hybe company and support company… You. Don’t know but hybe is still too much depend on BTS in form of games, merchs, concerts ,and their expensive albums more importantly BTS name itself give them more profit

So they are doing this so they don’t want to loose army’s nd i just hope cunning hybe treat BTS like emperors….. Just give them proper albums stvpid company

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BTS r grown ass that doesn’t need advice from a 15 yo


ok chill


-NewJeans is better

K army

BTS 2000 times more better than your fav
Without them they are nothing


They literally built hybe and I’ve heard the company still hasn’t recovered from their “chapter 2 announcement” seriously they really need to get their shts together in handling their recent solo releases, ngl some army are already burnout from last year but they still did their best to support each member. I just hope they won’t delay their albums anymore and they give them a proper promo for their upcoming solos or gigs.

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Jimin is the first maknae line to debut solo. Its gonna be very dumb n annoying to see if hybe dont capitalize on maknae line popularity by delaying the album n not promote much.


BTS deserves more stocks tbvh. hybe is too cruel to give them just that much when they (BTS members) contributed so much

Internet introvert

I wouldn’t want more if it were me. The more you own the more responsibility you have as a shareholder to other shareholders. And the more you end up in the crossfire of corporate merger and acquisition games. It’s enough that they make significant money when the company is doing well.


They can sell it if they don’t want it tho


sure but they can keep them too without not getting more stock so they can still have more opinion than most of the artist in a lot of other companies


finally, a comment that makes sense.


Unpopular opinion but some of feedbacks from ARMYs should be told to bts directly

Want hybe to give bts more stock? Ask bts directly to buy more stock
Want hybe to give bts proper albums? Ask bts to make proper albums

Can you?

Lazy Banana

Honestly why tf should BTS buy stocks when they should be given those stocks since they built that company from the ground up


Did Bang Shihyuk buy those stocks he owns?


He put the capital in so obviously it would be his stocks

CeCyane '💜Ready for 🏖️ 🏟💜'

It’s BTS that put the capital in. They were operate with debt when BTS debuted


BTS are employees, Bang Si Hyuk is the owner, that’s how it works. The owner gets the majority share when company goes public. BTS owned no equity in Big Hit even though they made it into a huge company.


1.they shouldn’t “buy” stocks they should be given more stocks.don’t tell me u thought ppl say hybe should sell them stocks.

2.wth is making proper album??it’s managing their releases properly we’re talkin about.BTS never made music that’s not “proper”

are u half asleep?

Last edited 1 month ago by roza

They can always buy more lol. They sure have the money for it.

It is what it is

I agree, BTS should have more shares to at least have some opinion on the agency they practically built.

Bang PD only gave them a little more than 1% for ALL of them. They should have at least 2% per member to have a say on how they want to manage their music. I see so much deficiencies on individuals projects, it’s terrible.

Besides, it may say 1B won but it’s just ~10M USD, pretty sure that’s what WC paid JK for his performance. Bang PD is so stingy


idk if bts are allowed to own a significant amount of share because they’re the one who can influence the price of share the most. can someone enlighten me?


BangPD gift them those stocks from his own stocks, this was probably part of their new contracts
Hybe as a whole has to give them more stocks, thats what we want


It is clearly true that BTS has more than 10 billion won in money. I think this small amount was given to them at the request of the members. Because as netizens say, bts should take more of this amount.


Anyways, with this post its proven again that bts is the richest korean act among entire kpop idols 🔥


they got stocks… something lots of artists in general dont get… and if they want more of them they can buy it … like bts are grown men


This is just the stocks they got. Its not like this is the payment they receive. Why is everyone so pressed

K army

Hybe is there bcz of BTS… Do you know what is share? It is like they are receiving some part of ownership of company
Compared to their contribution they should give more shares


And fuck hybe tbh


forget shares.that mere amount of shares is the excuse for company stans to encourage hybe family agenda & i’m becoming sure company gave it to them with the same intention.
the important thing is their contract.i hope they get most of the profit cause the company doesn’t do sht to promote their releases.all the results are because of their own impact.


Yeah, rather than having more shares to tie them up more with the company and its politics, I’d rather they have solid contracts and recieve a good amount of royalties and the like for their images and brand being used.


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