Netizens want to hit Lee Soo Man when they see him smiling at the event

Lee Soo Man in real time

Lee Soo Man, former executive producer of SM Entertainment, smiles during the Korean-Mongolian business dinner held at the Grand Hyatt Seoul in Yongsan-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 14th

He looks happy

1. Seriously, I’m not surprised that he looks so happy

2. Damn….

3. He sold SM because of his greed.. How do you feel about leaving SM after turning your eyes on money and trampling on your colleagues and artists of the company you founded?

4. He must be so happy, I really hate him

5. That old man is smiling now???

6. I’m really jealous ㅠ I want to be reborn as Lee Soo Man’s child, 400 billion won is truly unimaginable amount

7. Is he smiling now?

8. Look how happy he is in this situation

9. Hmm… He sold the company he founded anyway, but I’m curious what’s going on in his head

10. Now he’s smiling…?

11. It is said that a person without a conscience is happy

12. Can I hit him with a hammer?

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don’t wanna be mean, but he really didn’t age well
anyway, who wouldn’t be happy after he sold his shares but he’s really shameless. being so happy while SM is in shambles




this man is so shameless lmaooo this whole situation is so funny.


He got a big check for his shares ofc hes happy
Wheres his broken arm btw

Lazy Banana

Of course he’s happy cause he one-upped his nephew Chris Lee lmao


He sold his share when the company is still doing well, of course he will get lot of money from it compared sell it when the company doing bad. Have 400billion won on his retire day, is worth it. Now he can enjoy his life fully without get disturb with work matter. Of course he seems happy. Retire n rich

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