Only 3 solo songs of Korean singers entered the Hot 100 chart for the 2nd week in Billboard history

Psy – Gangnam Style

BTS Jimin – Like Crazy

Psy – Gentleman

1. Psy and Jimin are amazing

2. Why isn’t Lisa there? Lisa is also a Korean singer

3. Lisa isn’t a Korean singer??? It’s K-pop, so did you intentionally ignore it?

4. Daebak, Jimin is so cool

5. Both Psy’s fandom and Jimin’s fandom are amazing

6. Jimin-ah, I’m so proud of you

7. It’s hard to enter the Billboard Hot 100 but Psy and Jimin are daebak

8. Lisa is not mentioned because she is Thai??

9. Psy is recognized, but does the public know about Jimin’s song?

10. The difference between a song’s popularity and a singer’s popularity

11. Lisa is not Korean but Lisa also entered the Hot 100 chart for 2 weeks in a row

12. Wow Psy is amazing, he has two songs

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