Only 3 solo songs of Korean singers entered the Hot 100 chart for the 2nd week in Billboard history

Psy – Gangnam Style

BTS Jimin – Like Crazy

Psy – Gentleman

1. Psy and Jimin are amazing

2. Why isn’t Lisa there? Lisa is also a Korean singer

3. Lisa isn’t a Korean singer??? It’s K-pop, so did you intentionally ignore it?

4. Daebak, Jimin is so cool

5. Both Psy’s fandom and Jimin’s fandom are amazing

6. Jimin-ah, I’m so proud of you

7. It’s hard to enter the Billboard Hot 100 but Psy and Jimin are daebak

8. Lisa is not mentioned because she is Thai??

9. Psy is recognized, but does the public know about Jimin’s song?

10. The difference between a song’s popularity and a singer’s popularity

11. Lisa is not Korean but Lisa also entered the Hot 100 chart for 2 weeks in a row

12. Wow Psy is amazing, he has two songs

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Color color stan

When did a thai singer become a korean singer, blonks really have no brains. the self-insert 🙄


If they are talking about kpop she needs to be includedbzt if they are talking about Korean she should not

dot com bubble

Ikr. The title is very clear: Korean singers.


She is not Korean nor was she singing in Korean so I don’t see the point.


yep it’s always korean at the begining lol ( quoting hlf brained armies with their it’s always female at the begining)

Color color stan

Lol anything to make you sleep for fadsoo’s bubbling under 😂


Fadsoo this fadsoo that while BlinkPink is an army tryna to be a troll

Color color stan

Funny you use another kpop singer and not your fav because your fav is a flop 😂


Whoever talk that Lisa should be included on Korean records, must be blind! Don’t you all realize Lisa is not Korean? Not even a half or a quarter Korean! She’s a pure Thai citizen. Yess, she became idol and have carreer in South Korea. But do u claim Japanese like Sana or Momo as Korean too? Absolutely never!

Same as normal people who aren’t idols. If they work in SK, they’re just foreign workers. No matter how brilliant they are internationaly, they’re not SK citizen. Really dumb logic who claimed Lisa’s achievement as SK’s achievement.

Teenaged puppy

Lamonkey stans tryna force her where she don’t belong. In any case her song was no where near Jimin’s on hot 100 and Jimin is way more popular in the states than her and her group. Maybe blinks are on coke like their faves?


It’s coz of kpop you become racist or it’s your genetic? F*ck whatever your oppa is preaching never reach you, huh. I pity him and his group. Such a waste on speech. Their popularity only bring toxic like you more exist.


this is what watching too much korean twink dik does to a bich she becomes brain dead


stiffsoo’s monkey ass debuting at 4 on bubbling under despite all the payola daddy yg & jeremy pulled for her and you’re here worrying about history writers. priorities ig. those 4 dozens will never be a priority for you twinks and it shows.

WhatsThe Point

Blinks themselves forget the nationality of that girl😭😭


it’s always korean at the begining even koreans themselves caught on lol

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