Seems like this message burned the ego of Blinks alot

Twisting the meaning of a sentence and sending hate to an individual who did absolutely no wrong to you can be easily learned by the fellow blinks. 

Without any shame they are currently twisting the words of Twice Sana bubble message in which she is telling onces to mind our own work and let the antis talk whatever they want to talk. Just don’t mind any heed to them. But it seems like her positive words cut like a knife towards the blinks. Their fragile ego is currently suffering a lot due to the Idol’s message towards their fandom and by twisting her words they are trying to portray her in negative light.

The person runs a fake PopBase account on twitter while spreading hate towards the Twice members, currently towards Sana.

They are saying Sana is encouraging Onces to shame blinks whereas we can clearly see Sana saying to onces to don’t mind any heed towards them.

Blinks are currently on their lowest form. Well they are always on a low. But they really hit the world wide status of going absolutely lowest towards hating an individual who have done nothing wrong towards them.

Karma is never served while creating same consequences. If you think you are serving Karma by behaving like this, you should know you are just making big Karma for yourself unknowingly.

If their is any humanity left of that fandom speak aloud towards this. And onces please send these tweets towards Jype protect email address. Last but not the least report and block them. Also report this fake PopBase account under fake impression on Twitter.

Also for the fact that a fandom is saying an idol is inciting her fandom to harass their idols meanwhile constantly pulling out lyrics like “bunch of wannabes wanna be me” just to harass other female idols who somehow dress up like their idols. Meanwhile Sana clearly said to leave the hate on side block it and mind our own buisness. Understanding English shouldn’t be this hard.

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