Seungri’s shocking video from BBC documentary

Video of Seungri from BBC documentary

1. I was really surprised when I watched the video. He didn’t treat her like a human being; Korea is a crazy country where criminals can get away with it and the verdicts are ridiculous

2. As a singer, he doesn’t have much personal ability but he is so lucky

3. The company that allowed Seungri to debut should have been punished first

4. Didn’t he recently have a fanmeeting abroad? I hate that someone like that is back

5. Even nuclear waste would be better than him

6. He’s really disgusting

7. From now on I won’t consume YG idols anymore…

8. Sometimes I feel nauseous when I see Big Bang’s posts

9. Why did they let a guy who is ugly, sings bad, and dances bad debut?

10. The video is so shocking… He acts like a gangste

11. Even the word “trash” makes me feel sorry because trash can at least be recycled

12. I really wish he would disappear from this world

13. It’s absurd that he was released from prison and continued to attend events without any problems. That shows how rotten Korean society is

14. He’s so disgusting

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