Dispatch reveals Seungri and model/influencer Yoo Hye Won traveling to Bangkok together

[Exclusive] Seungri, traveling to Bangkok with Yoo Hye Won

According to Dispatch, Seungri and his rumored girlfriend, model/influencer Yoo Hye Won, were spotted vacationing in Bangkok, Thailand earlier this month

1. Just don’t appear on TV

2. Is she not afraid of him? He’s the one who doesn’t see women as human

3. Whether he’s dating or not.. Just don’t appear on TV

4. Why is she dating a criminal?

5. Who is Yoo Hye Won? Is his girlfriend a celebrity?

6. Wow…… Why is she dating that ba$tard?

7. That model used to be a model at the mall, but is she still doing it now?

8. He’s a criminal but the two of them are still dating.. I have nothing more to say

9. She’s pretty, but why?

10. I didn’t even know there were dating rumors, but she’s crazy

11. I really can’t understand why she’s dating him even though he’s a s*x offender

12. Why is she dating a criminal…? And a s*x offender…

13. Is she crazy?

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