Dispatch reveals Seungri and model/influencer Yoo Hye Won traveling to Bangkok together

[Exclusive] Seungri, traveling to Bangkok with Yoo Hye Won

According to Dispatch, Seungri and his rumored girlfriend, model/influencer Yoo Hye Won, were spotted vacationing in Bangkok, Thailand earlier this month

1. Just don’t appear on TV

2. Is she not afraid of him? He’s the one who doesn’t see women as human

3. Whether he’s dating or not.. Just don’t appear on TV

4. Why is she dating a criminal?

5. Who is Yoo Hye Won? Is his girlfriend a celebrity?

6. Wow…… Why is she dating that ba$tard?

7. That model used to be a model at the mall, but is she still doing it now?

8. He’s a criminal but the two of them are still dating.. I have nothing more to say

9. She’s pretty, but why?

10. I didn’t even know there were dating rumors, but she’s crazy

11. I really can’t understand why she’s dating him even though he’s a s*x offender

12. Why is she dating a criminal…? And a s*x offender…

13. Is she crazy?

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I'm Seungri Whore

Nice! let’s do a threesome Seungri Oppa.

I've yujin

Shes good friends with blackpink jisoo BTW
Birds of a feather flock together


Why would anyone in their right mind date a criminal?

Fuck you

They want money or they think they can change him🥺🤣


there are those kind of girls


My friend is a good guy. He is a scientist researching infant diseases. He is also lonely and hasn’t had a date in over a decade.

Looooong story short, he spent a year in jail before being found not guilty of a crime (because he couldn’t afford the bail). When he was released he told me how the inmates were terrible people to be around.

He also told me it was unbelievable to him how many of them had attractive girlfriends who would visit them in jail.

It’s almost as if “girls like bad boys” isn’t some toxic propaganda invented by incels but instead is wisdom born from generations of society observing how women behave.


Last edited 8 months ago by Larry
spicy spice

i’ve read a rumor of these 2 in 2018-ish i guess and she also close with jisoo. it’s real that nobody innocent inside yge building, either as criminals or as bystanders.


I’m convinced people like her only do it for money, fame, & to further their careers.

It seems like barely anyone know who she is but now that her pics with seungri are revealed, people are going to know who she is just like that one druggie girl who was all over the news a while back.

Fuck you



Poor user saint seungri got dumped by her lover


Weird how Saint Seungri is always the first one to comment on every other artists’ articles but nowhere to be found under her own fav’s article🤣


“Women don’t like bad boys. They actually like good guys…” said no guy, ever.

As a man it is hilarious how oblivious and in denial women are about women’s toxic AF mating choices.

If women around the world said that they strongly prefer guys with green hair I assure you that every man would be dying his hair green. Men will do anything to get women.

The fact that so many men continue to exhibit toxic and criminal behavior despite women claiming to not like those sorts of bad guys should tell you that something funny is going on… Namely, the issue is that women’s words are not matching their behavior.

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