Seungri’s recent situation after 1 month of being released from prison

An acquaintance said, “Seungri called up his close acquaintances, including celebrities, and invited them out, saying, ‘Let’s go clubbing’.”

1. I’m curious to know who his close friends are

2. He’s crazy

3. I can understand why GD hates him so much

4. I really hate him

5. Honestly, the punishment is so weak.. Yang Hyun Suk is still alive and well.. That’s why he loves Korean law

6. A country where criminals can live comfortably as long as they have money

7. I guess he still has a lot of money left

8. Seriously, our country’s laws are bad

9. I’m not surprised

10. I wish that ba$tard would live in prison for the rest of his life

11. We need to find celebrities who are close to Seungri

12. The celebrities who hang out with him are trash too

13. He’s just trash

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Color color stan

User saint seungri, pick up your fav from the floor 🤣


I was just here to see saint suengri too😂😂🤝🏻

spicy spice

even his criminal boss is still there evaluating his trainees lmao. yge was rotten to the root.

Ladyboy lisa

Same breed as balackpink

Seungri Bitch and Whore

Welcome back Boss! please sent us to serve your customer. Our hospitality and pharmacy business in dire need of you. ❤️




That seungri stan who keep trash talk bts in here. Go suck his dick so he can pimp you out😂😂


Saint Seungri this is your “saint” oppar


The seungri user is not no fan of this bitch, she only uses him as a shield for her actual fave slutnnie

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