SEVENTEEN ‘FML’ surpasses BTS ‘Map of the Soul: 7’ to become the most pre-ordered K-pop album of all time

Seventeen got 4.64 million pre-orders with this comeback

SEVENTEEN record 4.64 million pre-orders for 10th mini album ‘FML’

It is now the most pre-ordered K-pop album of all time, surpassing BTS’s ‘Map of the Soul: 7’, which received 4.02 million pre-orders when it was released back in 2020

1. Do they sell better than BTS? Is Seventeen popular in the US?

2. Please give me a seat at the concert…ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

3. Wow daebak, I really hope they get Daesang

4. I’m not a fan, but I hope Seventeen gets a lot of Daesangs this time

5. HYBE should set up a factory that produces albums

6. I rubbed my eyes when I saw the title. Really? Seventeen is crazy..

7. Oh my God..?????? 4.64 million copies..? Daebak

8. Ah seriously, I don’t think there will be a seat for me at Seventeen concert

9. Well, 4.64 million copies?????

10. Seventeen is crazy

11. 4.64 million copies…? Can’t wait for their album

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Color color stans and yg & teddy's 4 seoul cycles

At least wait for the real sales 💀

1. Do they sell better than BTS? Is Seventeen popular in the US?

No and no.

It’s really funny that carats are proud of this,map of the soul did well in korea and abroad, paks everything billboard number 4 hot 100,and I don’t think they can even enter top 10 melon daily chart when I’ve is killing it rn


they can be… just no need to mention BTS. BTS did 4M POs with 4 versions (and yes vers do affect sales), so imo comparing the two is well… not entirely good at painting a good picture of who is popular. MOTS:7 completely destroyed k-charts btw… it had multiple songs top 10 on melon daily and is still currently the longest charting #1 album on melon weekly (only albums close to it are IUs). (not to mention MOTS:7’s global streams which are quite literally insane)


yeah at least not with 64664664 versions lol


Kpop groups have a lot of sales but unfortunately they don’t have digital 🙈


What about us or american award shows? They just got nominated on amas. It’s also easy to get on the charts in Korea. The important thing is to stay on those lists..

dot com bubble

What’s funnier is the profits of Seventeen is profit for BTS too LMAO. BTS are literally stockholders of Hybe so when Seventeen gets $$$, BTS also gets a share of the $$$ through dividends so Carats can keep buying I guess, more snack money for BTS.


I forgot BTS members are hybe stockholders so it’s a still a win For them


and what about it? do yoy think that we care about it?

HAHAHAAA typical bitter armys 😂😂


How come armys are bitter. Mind u even svt broke the pre orders records of MOTS:7 they have to take more years to break 5Billions streams of MOTS:7 and 400k+ units Billboard 200.


thanks to 646675676 versions & photocards 😂 bts will get this record back in 2025


The moment BTS release 10 versions of album, u will see Hanteo and Gaon will set the rules for album versions like what music show did with Dynamite

Home 1

They just have a lot of versions and most of the albums get throw away after they get there photo cards


Who cares? I barely know their song and their members either

👩🏻‍🚀 Astronaut Y

I should thank them in advance maybe after this ifpi would finally limited the number of vers they could count bc this is getting ridiculous


The fact that they also have 13members mean more random pc. I feel all kpop groups nowadays really going insane by releasing tons of versions to boost album sales except BTS who now only released 1-2versions. Its doesnt matter tbh, we all know bg not even doing well on streaming except BTS.


even if award shows or global charts change their rules, i don’t think these companies will care. i mean in this day and age, money/sales >> awards.
maybe until some environment activists request a ban on cds products because it’s actually harming the environment if there’s like 50 millions of plastic cds being produced and dumped to the world every year… but by then, i don’t think you and me are still alive on this planet to witness lol

Last edited 7 months ago by Colin

The way ifpi saw the album chart results and became inkigayo lineup. Not gonna surprise if they will decide to limit the versions next time

dot com bubble

They’re lucky there’s an album sales inflation right now. Everybody’s a million seller these days, even 4th gen groups. Carats enjoy the record if you break it with the actual sales cause in 2025, BTS will be taking it back 100%. 💅

Fuck you

How come their stream is so low? Their fandom said japan love them but their stream is low too in japan lol. Even japan stream newjeans and lesserafim song more…even at sea countries… they have fans but their stream is so-so


their sales are fom mass buying 😂


hi, svt has a lot of chinese fans who 1. mass buy and 2. dont actually count on streams. Also we as a fandom are not the most active when it comes to streaming. That does not mean they are not popular, they literally sell out a dome tour in japan last year


So at the end its mass buying and their fandom lie that japan general public love them lol. The audacity of them calling svt japan king when japan didn’t even like their song lol. And its funny how carat brag abt svt song but they never stream their song lol. So at the end you stan their face..not their music hahaha


Funny thing about this is i still dnt feel their relevancy and ppl really compare them to BTS


They won’t win at mma,I’ve is getting it


Ah yes, i forgot melon is based on digital. Not physical


The only thing I see is that BTS is going to make more money and when they come back in 2025, they will surely achieve 5M pre-orders and back it up by filling stadiums all over the world, not arenas. 


The problem is bigshit. Bts can easily sell 7 million if we have affordable pr8ce and 10 versions like seventeen


Nah with only 4version bts can sell 7m lol


Nah we don’t need cheap tactics like 10 versions lol


selling millions of copies yet can’t survive the charts is crazy 😟 their streams low af too 🤣

Last edited 7 months ago by blep

MOTS:7 was BTS’s last serious album and it took whole 3 years and BTS’s hiatus for another group to surpass their record with triple the versions lol so kpop stans and carrots shouldn’t be so loud about ‘surpassing bts’ because it’s actually embarrassing if they don’t given all these tools.


China bars and mass buying at all. If BTS releases ot7 albums unannounced, they’ll double their own record. This has nothing to do with popularity. BTS can already make these sales and records 👑


They have as many versions as svt members😭


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I think their competitor is SKZ I think ? For Mama it’s either them or SKZ rn but not sure on MMA tbh , if they do well digitally on Melon, they can compete with IVE but I think for best male group, they def will be taking it 🤔 but carats lack of voting power tbh from what I see from previous award shows


It could be TXT for second cb. They’re doing well in physical and Enhypen too. In MMA I’VE is a sure win


our poor oceans…


and still nobody knows who they are lol

dot com bubble

They might not even win MAMA if Mnet decides to give it to ZeroBaseOne instead. We all know MSnake looooves their own groups.

WhatsThe Point

What’s hilarious is carats really believe they’ll sell more than BTS.
And 400 photocards is an environmental threat💀 ifpi should put a cap on album versions, it’s getting ridiculous


Stock preorders are not sales and bh doesnt release preorders for bts so how would they surpass bts. 20 versions and 900 pcs? Have some integrity

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