SEVENTEEN surpasses BTS to rank #1 in first week album sales of all time

SEVENTEEN’s 10th mini album ‘FML’ sold over 4.55 million copies in the first week

#1 in first week album sales of all time

1. Seventeen is the best!!!!

2. Being a fan of Seventeen since their debut days is my greatest pride

3. There will be no group other than Seventeen that can break their record at the moment

4. I know they’re popular, but are they as popular as BTS??

5. And they beat BTS?

6. 4.55 million…? Almost 1/10 of Korea’s population….?

7. Wow…..Seventeen is #1 in first week album sales history. Who will break this?

8. Congratulations to Seventeen!

9. They worked really hard.. I hope they do better in the future

10. SEVENTEEN deserve it, they worked hard

11. Chinese fans bought a lot of albums

12. Congratulations!!!

13. Seventeen is daebak

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