SEVENTEEN surpasses BTS to rank #1 in first week album sales of all time

SEVENTEEN’s 10th mini album ‘FML’ sold over 4.55 million copies in the first week

#1 in first week album sales of all time

1. Seventeen is the best!!!!

2. Being a fan of Seventeen since their debut days is my greatest pride

3. There will be no group other than Seventeen that can break their record at the moment

4. I know they’re popular, but are they as popular as BTS??

5. And they beat BTS?

6. 4.55 million…? Almost 1/10 of Korea’s population….?

7. Wow…..Seventeen is #1 in first week album sales history. Who will break this?

8. Congratulations to Seventeen!

9. They worked really hard.. I hope they do better in the future

10. SEVENTEEN deserve it, they worked hard

11. Chinese fans bought a lot of albums

12. Congratulations!!!

13. Seventeen is daebak

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Now please keep the albums to yourself and not just throw those to the trash

Last edited 7 months ago by gast

They already did


They are learning it from army remember that BTS album on the trash in front of Bugh hit building? Or maybe that’s Hybe strategy because they are under same company right?


why are you lying dummy? these were used merchandise from a concert😂 stop lying & go back to buy other 6674785 versions with 4 streams


Say that to bts fans as well


congrats svt !

but kinda funny to see carats talking how their fandom is not chart and number obsessed , your cbars and ksides are saying otherwise tho 😹


Congrats Seventeen!


Yeah thanks to that countless photocards and album versions


899 to be precise 😬


yall are so miserable under this😂


after seeing the trash fulled with their albums😂 who wouldn’t….


Because it’s a miserable tactic from svt to beat BTS’s selling number


4. I know they’re popular, but are they as popular as BTS??

The answer is no. Yes, Seventeen are popular in SKr, and they have their fair share of international attention. But they are NOWHERE near BTS’ level, and I’m saying this in the kindest way possible. Let’s not kid ourselves.


Can’t wait for Army karma since Army keep doing what haters were did to BTS in the past to other groups like Seventeen, Ateez, Stray kids and more.

People who still stan BTS are not following the new trend and old fashion


Lol keep dreaming


trend?😂 make bts do 900 photocards & bts will hit 1000000 million sales


Ain’t no one getting the karma when BTS is still far away above your favs. People will stan BTS and if not, they won’t stan your favs either


weird, cause me personally, I don’t see armys getting those groups death threats or getting them in court to prove their sales 🤔 waiting for yall to realize that armys stating facts ≠ armys hating on your faves

op literally said nothing against 17 or any group you mentioned, just simply stated that seventeen is not as big as bts. which, again, is a FACT


nobody knows them in s.k 😂


It’s rare to see “surpasses BTS” in the charts or articles. Congratulation!


they surpassed bts with 65664876 versions & 90% were bought from chinese bars with 3 streams lmao😂 yesterday their album was found in the trash lol.
surpass bts? my ass


Seventeen have worked very hard for this for a long time, so congrats to them!

But some of these comments 😭😭

4. I know they’re popular, but are they as popular as BTS??

5. And they beat BTS?

BTS is a generational phenomenon because they didn’t just have high album sales in one part of the world, or big Spotify numbers, or the ability to sell out stadiums in minutes on any continent – it’s that they have ALL of these things and more. And that just doesn’t happen very often.

It’s easy to congratulate Seventeen without suggesting they’re bigger than BTS. They’re doing their own thing.

Last edited 7 months ago by Tovey

they surpassed bts with 65664876 versions & 90% were bought from chinese bars with 3 streams lmao😂 yesterday their album was found in the trash lol.
surpass bts? my ass

👩🏻‍🚀 Astronaut Y

2/3 of those albums being thrown on the street wbk the cbars carrying the whole fandom


Speak up how many photocards again?? 899 yup 🤣 I wonder what made them not do the last one🫣


daebak with 657647468478 versions bought by chinese fans that were left on trash 😂
beat bts? my ass! even bts in 2014 are more relevant than them lol…..


How many versions?


with 3 streams & 7578757898 versions 😂😂😂😂😂😂


More landfill waste

uga uga

Look at the army’s in the comments talking about versions when their faves also do 19372928292 remixe’s of their songs 😂
It’s funny because you guys believe that no one will surpass them, but that will happen sooner or later.
And it doesn’t have nothing to do with karma, it’s just how history works.
Everybody thought that there wouldn’t be nothing like Elvis Presley, but then 15 years later the Beatles came in and made the king look like a child. And 20 years later Michael Jackson made them look basic. It’s just how history works. Sooner or later some boy group or solo artist will surpass them and nobody will give them that much of importance.
To be fair, they are getting old. And you bitches did a great job gate keeping them a part from the rest of the artist’s.
You guys can come with every excuse you want, but doesn’t matter how good they do on chart’s (who can be easy manipulated when you have a lot of people working towards it like a religion) but in 30+ years nobody will give a damn to Face, Permission to Dance, Daechita and etc.
These will be the songs that we look back to the charts and have no idea of how they were there, because not one single one of them were organic hits liked by the general public. They will continue just to be famous for being popular (having a lot of fans) but not famous for being artist’s.


a whole paragraph just to say a bunch of nothingness 💀 yall and your bts obsessions are beyond salvation atp


No, they dont surpass bts, if i go outside and ask ppl about seventeen, they will think i talk about numbers.

Aside from those album sales with 400pcs, there’s nothing else they can brag about. So next


Couldn’t they buy digital.albums instead of throwing away physicals?

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