Seventeen’s first day sales surpass 3.99 million copies

1. Wow, I’m so jealous and congratulations!

2. Wow is this possible????

3. Wow, will they sell 4 million copies on the first day?

4. Hul, Seventeen surpassed BTS??

5. Chinese money is crazy

6. What makes them so popular in China?

7. I’m so jealous of Bang Si Hyuk

8. What’s happening?

9. Seventeen, what happened???? Why are they so successful? Daebak

10. Do they have many overseas fans? Daebak

11. Seventeen is crazy

12. They will hit 4 million copies today

13. SEVENTEEN is now selling better than BTS

14. I can’t believe it even when I see it

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let’s hope the streams will match those sales 🥰

Logic Thinker

They don’t really have streaming and download certification in Korea😅


We got NEW biggest group. Congratulation. #1 on global spotify lets go

Logic Thinker

One thing I can’t see from seventeen is actually streaming and download certifications.
They do well only physically.

No hate congrats to them.
But 3 years and we are going to break that 👌🏼 a new motivation for us


what’s their hanteo index ?


I hope they could match their streams this time. Like MOTS: 7 like it’s around 5M+ sales and has already 5Billion streams.


and then what? What has BTS to do with that?

CeCyane '💜Ready for 🏖️ 🏟💜'

That’s show how organic your sales are. When stream match sales and concert attendances


Hybe is trying everything to impress the investors. But it seem investors only care about BTS. Saw that 900 photocards. No wonder there are huge mass buying. I know if BTS did that, kpop stans about to drag bad BTS n ifpi n billboard about to change the rules. Doesnt matter we all know they not gonna do that well on streams internationally. Plus, the way hoshi being hinting, seem like this may their last cb before tour n enlisting.


the only time hybe stocks go up is when bts are involved but whatever, the bts members are also earning money from stocks in hybe…


No shit that HYBE tries to earn money. *shocked*

WhatsThe Point

2.5M+ being from China alone💀💀
Streams nowhere to be found. Also it needs to be studied how BTS has sales, streams and sold out stadiums yet get called frauds and armys get accused of mass buying when groups like svt exist where they sell millions yet no chatting no streams


huh you do have a point


Charts only get threaten with BTS because they know only BTS can actually compete with western artists with everything. Others, they know those bg dont have streams to match.

WhatsThe Point

Exactly, every and their mama’s call BTS frauds including kpoppies because only they’re capable to going against their western counterparts. They’re one of the biggest artists rm

Teenaged puppy

BTS remains the standard


#13 only one that mentions BTS and here the hags go crazy.


they made 0 noise lol…… 😂


Their fans not noisy and annoying like Army , that’s why their fans and even seventeen shocked when they sold out their fan meeting and their 3 days concert in Jamsil Stadium and their world tour concert are always full

Let's not lieeee...

Their fans made no noise bcs they silently lying about shit. What Jamsil Stadium? It’s your fave, and you don’t even know the venue was? Stop lying to yourself & other kpop stans. Just bcs there’s Jamsil attached to it’s name, doesn’t mean it was the main stadium. I bet even if there’s a toilet called Jamsil Toilet, you be lying & said it was Jamsil Stadium. Have some shame


U really love to set up your own fav. They dont hv concert in Jamsil Stadium. Do your research. And please check touring data Be the sun:
The rest of Asia sold out except in Jakarta stadium (87.6%)
The rest of North America NOT SOLD OUT except Inglewood, UBS Arena and Prudential Center.


Congrats, but stil impressed how 17 fans keep insisting they have only 3 versions when in reality they hv more than that.


17 fans downvote me😂😂😂 no need to butthurt. U hv FML 3 versions, then u have carat versions(dont know how many subversion they have),weverse album and kit version. And then u have FML USA version (3), Target exclusive(3), B&N (3). Dont know about Walmart. So u have at least 15 versions.


And overall 900 photocards. Thats insane. 💀

Blackpink the youtube slaves

899 photocards 💀


Jealous BTS hags crying already in comments section and obviously Chinese people are not real.
#13 is a bait comment.


Calling BTS hags as if hoshi not already worried about seventeen gonna enlist this year or next year lol.


The BTS stans are hags, I have nothing against BTS as a group

CeCyane '💜Ready for 🏖️ 🏟💜'

Everybody gonna be hags soon enough. Time flies. You yourself gonna be hags next. Find other drag clown


Hoshi has no idea how pledis use bts as punching bag for military exemption for them?

Blackpink the youtube slaves

Rich chinese bulkbuying an album is not something to be proud of

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