Taeyeon vs IU

Taeyeon vs IU

When comparing looks, singing ability, vocals, star qualities, career, etc., who is better?

Taeyeon – vote up

IU – vote down

[+730, -551]

1. [+433, -227] Taeyeon didn’t plagiarize

2. [+413, -239] Looks and singing ability are judged differently depending on each person, but when it comes to hit songs or career, it’s IU. Comparing with Taeyeon is an insult to IU

3. [+360, -127] Just by looking at the digital results, you know who the public likes, right? The difference between Taeyeon and IU is that Taeyeon has only fandom and IU has both fandom + public

4. [+307, -219] It’s Taeyeon, IU is the bubble

5. [+76, -138] Including visuals, IU won overwhelmingly

6. [+59, -21] Taeyeon’s singing ability is overwhelming

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