The media calls ILLIT HYBE’s youngest daughter and ILLIT will appear on ‘Knowing Bros’ the week of NewJeans’ comeback

[Exclusive] ‘HYBE’s youngest daughter’ ILLIT appears on ‘Knowing Bros’… To air on the 25th

ILLIT will appear on ‘Knowing Bros’

According to My Daily’s report on the 16th, ILLIT will appear on the JTBC variety show ‘Knowing Bros’, which will air next week

1. This has really crossed the line

2. Instead of promoting NewJeans, they are trying to hinder NewJeans

3. It will air the week of NewJeans’ comeback

4. I’m really curious how much money was spent promoting ILLIT

5. Isn’t NewJeans making a comeback on the 23rd?

6. Did anyone know that NewJeans would appear on ‘2 Days & 1 Night’?

7. NewJeans is coming back but ILLIT will appear on the variety show even though their promotions have ended

8. Are you kidding me? NewJeans will make a comeback around that time

9. I guess HYBE has no intention of protecting artists

10. NewJeans is about to make a comeback but they aren’t promoting it at all

11. HYBE’s youngest daughter?

12. The return of NewJeans is on the 24th, HYBE is crazy

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