The reason why netizens say BLACKPINK has no respect for their fans

BLACKPINK’s concert in the US causing a big stir today

Because they ‘dance too well’

[+184, -133]

1. [+214, -14] It’s their first concert in 3 years, so I can’t believe that’s what they’ve prepared..ㅋㅋ If they dance like that, just do it in Korea… Looks like they don’t feel embarrassed when they’re overseas

2. [+209, -6] When Jennie got the choreography direction wrong, I was just like ‘what?’.. It’s not just Jennie who’s like that. They danced differently. I think they have different choreographers

3. [+198, -16] If you compare them to the dancers in front, you can see how insincere they are and how half-heartedly they treat their stage performance. Except for Lisa, the rest like Jisoo and Rosé really let me down

4. [+166, -8] They only have 4 members, but it’s weird that they always dance differently

5. [+113, -0] Jennie, why did you dance like that?

6. [+76, -1] But it’s concert, fans have to spend a lot of money on it,,,,,,, I don’t think they have any respect for their fans

7. [+60, -4] Jennie has a lot of personality controversies here and there, looks like something really big is going to happen…

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