The reason why netizens say BLACKPINK has no respect for their fans

BLACKPINK’s concert in the US causing a big stir today

Because they ‘dance too well’

[+184, -133]

1. [+214, -14] It’s their first concert in 3 years, so I can’t believe that’s what they’ve prepared..ㅋㅋ If they dance like that, just do it in Korea… Looks like they don’t feel embarrassed when they’re overseas

2. [+209, -6] When Jennie got the choreography direction wrong, I was just like ‘what?’.. It’s not just Jennie who’s like that. They danced differently. I think they have different choreographers

3. [+198, -16] If you compare them to the dancers in front, you can see how insincere they are and how half-heartedly they treat their stage performance. Except for Lisa, the rest like Jisoo and Rosé really let me down

4. [+166, -8] They only have 4 members, but it’s weird that they always dance differently

5. [+113, -0] Jennie, why did you dance like that?

6. [+76, -1] But it’s concert, fans have to spend a lot of money on it,,,,,,, I don’t think they have any respect for their fans

7. [+60, -4] Jennie has a lot of personality controversies here and there, looks like something really big is going to happen…

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Man you guys just want them to flop so bad ><
Aww give it up, it ain't happening maam


literally people who saw them in Dallas said the same things tho


i saw a lot of people say how the concert was unforgettable and like a dream


nah…people who complained not even go to the concert. i saw everyone happy at the concert. This is concert, not inkigayo.

アグネス ⁷

If their fans can’t defend them, that means bp is hopeless, nothing can help them then

uhgood⁷ Sexy Nukim

Ofc they not gonna flop. They bp. Still dnt change the fact they dont make any effort o. Their performances


Honestly ibdont think their fans care. They hype the most mediocre thing and call it stage presence. Ghey’ve been eating up the same sounds for however many years. I saw a meme somewhere and i think its sobtrue. It was something about nothing stupider than a blink


Shut up blackpink are queen. Jennie’s dance style is swag. And other girls slaying their performance


This is an insult to actual seag dance style😭 she looks like a lost fish in the sea

uhgood⁷ Sexy Nukim

This is the reasons why bp will never flop. Look at their fans. 🤣🤣🤣

But I wasn’t done…

Jennie’s dancing style is motion sickness and y’all think it’s art ijbol


I feel like when you go to the West, its more about having charisma on stage and vibing off of the crowd more than its performing precision choreo…

Blackpink isn’t known for being precise to begin with, but crowd play is important


there’s a difference when it’s the whole group hyping up the crowd versus being the only one out of sync while everyone is dancing the same moves…

アグネス ⁷

Any other proper defense for your girls, darling? Because your defense sounds so ridiculous


It’s a such a waste hiring professional choreographers, except for one person they can’t dance their own choreo. The choreographer got big money tho


jennie isnt even trying lmao her fans whine about her ankle but are her arms injured too? cause she didnt raise them even once


Even if they didn’t have so much to rehearsal as a group, their coreography are so basic that’s became ridiculous how they keep making mistakes. To not talk abt their lack of energy. Their previous tour was way better than this.

Kpoppers again

Don’t you guys know they are just instagram models not kpop artist lol


instagram models still outsold amd emded kpop artist LMAO


Be serious


Don’t worry their SEA fans will still eat up


Ah, I looked at the gif again after the netizen comment and the dancer dancing in the lower left corner is really giving her all. The bp girls have been so criticized that I was thought they would take these comments serious. Yes I know the performance must be tiring but they are not the first kpop group to perform. Sad for a band of this popularity

Last edited 10 months ago by Laila
But I wasn’t done…

They know their fans don’t care about music or stage so they don’t care either. Just a bunch of y/n fans that want them to look cute and be models.


it’s giving school talent show…

👩🏼‍🚀Love Roze⁷ (Military Wife🪖)

Even school talent shows gives more effort than this.


Thank goodness blink is the most loyal n easy to get satisfied. They will accepting n enjoying no matter what how bp is perform. BP is really lucky to have fans like blink


people reaching so hard trying to defend them saying that people criticizing them not even in the concert.. ok but the one who recorded these clips are!


army really are jobless… those bts twinks are about to enlist and you spend your limited time hating on blackpink? that these 4 girls bother you so much only proves you see them as a threat

Grace Walker

Lol, Its always Army’s, hating NOT. We have no reason to hate on BP. We have better things to do with our time. BP, is no threat to BTS.

Last edited 10 months ago by gracwalk

Regular people have eyes, ears, and opinions as well. It’s not hard to see how bad this is.


As if blinks haven’t been in every kpop group business for years spreading hate, dragging idols, sending death threats, mocking others. Even under kpop charts account you will find tons of blinks calling others a flop lmao THE AUDACITY when you guys stan the most untalented lazy dozen group of kpop who are an embarrassment and people are rightfully calling them out.


they’re all raising different roofs


They would get crushed by said roof with the lack of team work

Last edited 10 months ago by bpsabummer

So many nasty comments here…why do you guys hate them so much? They’ve never had an attitude controversy and are friendly with everyone in the industry. Fans don’t even care that they weren’t synchronized so why do you all? The hatred that so many of you have is weird! It’s possible to dislike their fans and not the artist!


Jennie has had attitude scandals… and other scandals as well tbh


The bad performances are on them tbh. Funny how these girls don’t write, produce, compose, release songs one in every 2 years, their outfits handed to them, the sets and image prepared by YG, no variety shows, no content, no vlive, they are not even decent rappers, dancers and below average singers and the only thing these untalented lazy dozens are tasked to do is perform their easy choreography live and they are even failing at that. The biggest shame of kpop. Unprofessional and embarrassing


Jennie looks hungover on this tour so far. What’s up with the sunglasses in the pre show. Making up her own dance moves..

Jennie’s a drunk

These mediocre fucks


The reason why western fans aren’t tuning in to bp like they want you to believe. Twinks and y/ns on twitter are not gp and most of them are token stanning without streaming 😂


Damn, girlies be giving their best….for mediocrity

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