“V is effortlessly funny”, Knetz react to Taehyung’s appearance in Jinny’s Kitchen

From the first episode of Jinny’s Kitchen, as expected, V is a variety show man and he has so many funny moments hahaha.

1. It was so funny. How can I wait for V until next week?

2. Taehyung, who said that he drank 4 juices because he was thirsty after selling 2 juices with such a funny face, bursted out laughing hahaha. Lee Seojin also laughed hahahaha

3. Taehyung is handsome and has a great sense of humor. Come to the next drink soon

4. Everyone is so easy to watch and the time flies. In addition, Lee Seojin and Taehyung’s chemistry is an unexpected highlight

5. Lee Seojin seems to be trying to keep order by going with a bit of an old school concept, but it doesn’t work for V ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It’s funny

6. Taehyung is cute and charming just by himself

7. Being funny and cute is Taehyung’s specialty. It’s a really differentiated cuteness

8. I don’t know if it’s because of his original way of speaking, but his way of speaking is also handsome..

9. His chemistry with Yumi is so good, my heart breaks when he calls her noona noona hahaha

10. I’m so in love with his face even though he appeared with his bare face

11. Taehyung is really progressing well hahahahaha he was in charge of washing dishes and tidying up, but seeing him cooking is so amazing

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Taehyung is bts’ secret funny person. He makes me laugh a lot on many shows like In The Soop, Run Bts. Even if you don’t know Tae, he can make you happy🥺💜

Michelle Taylor

Taehyung is bts’ secret funny person. He makes me laugh a lot on many shows like In The Soop, Run Bts. Even if you don’t knTae, he can make you happy🥺💜

Michelle Taylor

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I've yujin

He so ugly


Stop describing ur fav here

Taehyung love

Nice joke lol. Be serious for once 😂

Last edited 1 month ago by Taehyung love

Even you know damn well that’s a lie 😭 nobody will take you seriously


Not you with multiple accounts again saying the most ridiculous lies lol. Please leave are pretty boy alone and go back to the g0rillas you Stan.


Our lovely boy 💖💖


The cutest 💜


Our adorable taetae 🥺🥺

Taste that savage

Talentless boy


is you


Is Jennie


Why is he everywhere?? The last 3 posts are about him within few hours. This boy is so annoying


Good 😊


I’m so glad you were disgusted. My day will be better after seeing this comment👍


he’s famous unlike your faves 😚


I enjoy it when I see bitches like this being pressed about BTS 😂😂😂😂


He’s been viral among sk gp after ep1 yesterday, theres 6 article about him in seojin with 60k-110k views that trending in theqoo in 1 day, not his fault if ppl find him interesting🤷‍♀️



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I understand it’s a new concept for you being that you stan shein BTS without the talent and clout


Coz he is the sensation rn🤷🏻‍♀️ got problem with that then don’t click on his articles you will see more of him in upcoming weeks 😍


And that’s that on relevancy


My pretty boy worked so hard he was struggling not to sleep at the end 😭

Truth speaker

Pretty face + 0 talent = Kim Taehyung


Said an asshole:


No pretty face + no talent + no parent love= You

seungri is free

funny autotuned eyecandy 🙂


says the one who likes seungri lol


please seek help.


Bimbo slvthyung


Nah, it’s ✨jendog✨ You seemed confused, I have to fix it


you stan bp 😅 know your place


Not while Jennie is getting slutbanged in YG’s office as we speak


Blonks speaking how is the Chinese drama with call girl rose going??


His deadpan expressions while saying the most hilarious stuff is just gold 😭


Have y’all noticed it’s the exact same troll accounts on all the posts about BTS 😭 you’re trying hard whoever you are


One obsessed person with many accs. And that users are always on the entire bts posts 🤡


What’s funnier is that this person even made up to 40+ accounts trying to upvote negative comments and downvote positive comments on Taehyung posts before. Tae’s fame really got them specially mad cause he rejected Ms. Seoul Cycle.


They’re so dedicated. If only they’re that dedicated for their own fav


he’s bland…


-Your mom after seeing your face when you were born, thinking it’s fucking miserable that the condom broke


The jobless bitches are commenting here as if it’s gonna change the fact that Taehyung made $$$ out of this show and got 1 million additional followers on Insta and became the most follow Korean act on Spotify for this week. Yeahhhh, I know why these bitches are mad cause their faves could never 😌😌😌


do Tae’s sponsors pay you to translate these articles? I think so.


no need for sponsors since bts get clout for anything they do unlike your girlies who need to suck 🍆 to get a sponsor.


Praise Taehyung daily


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He really is esp him saying the funniest shit with straight face 🤣. Man I still cant get over how he called wooshik nepo 🤣 and drank 4 juice but sold only 2. Why is he so funny


My ultimate bias with charm for days


buena reseña, 👍 gracias

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