What Korean netizens say about BTS Suga Agust D holding his tour

BTS Suga Agust D holds his tour

1. Crazy… Yoongi….. Please give me a seat…

2. Let’s do it in Daegu, shouldn’t we do it at Daegu stadium????

3. Who made the poster? Why is it so hard to read?

4. Is there a seat for me at the Seoul concert? Should I aim for Bangkok or Singapore?

5. I will go to Suga’s concert!!!!!! I will definitely go!!!!!!

6. Let’s go to Daegu, Yoongi. Please do more concerts in Korea

7. No, Big Hit is crazy, it’s too small in Korea, please change the concert venue ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ My seat ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

8. Wow, the competition rate is crazy ㅠㅠ

9. Seriously, I’d rather go to the US and Thailand than buy a ticket to Seoul

10. No, I can’t sleep because my heart beats so fast, I love it so much

11. Does Suga have a lot of solo songs? How many songs does he have?

12. Please, starting from today, I will be kind, please

13. What if I can’t go to a Korean concert? There are too few seats

14. There are too few shows in Korea and the venue is too small

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11. Does Suga have a lot of solo songs? How many songs does he have?

He has 2 mixtape albums, not to mention his solo songs in BTS album and songs he wrote for other artists.

meow meow

and he’s probably gonna release another album before he tours so he’ll have more than enough to perform


Do you think there’s time for an album release? PJM1 is supposed to happen in march but there’s nothing official yet, which makes me think that it’ll be released at the end of march, if so, then suga’s album doesn’t have a lot of time before his tour


Its still have enough time. Suga album maybe right before the tour. The album anouncement maybe early april. So, he can do solo debut stage at his tour n get livestream worldwide.


If jimin debuts in early or mid-March, there’s time for Yoongi’s album 🤗

meow meow

idk i am only speculating since most artists go on tour with a new album he could very well just do it with his current stuff but i feel like he will since he’s been talking abt having d3 ready for years now although i do want his new music i don’t like how back to back the bts solos have been there’s no time to let them marinate it’s just another members debut happening immediately after i hope him and jimin both get their time to shine


I am sure pjm1 will be released by mid March and if yg releases an album he will do it late April like right before the concert 24April is monday maybe 21april is Friday so…


Arena level for biggest boy group??????

It is what it is

well, it’s not the group, just Suga
but I’m sure that (like always happens) if tickets sold out immediately then he can move to a bigger venue or give more dates.
Probably they want to see the response, given that they still have to announce dates in Japan, and maybe Europe and Latam


I hope its true 🙏🏻


I think this was meant to try. Because yoongi is the first member about solo tours. I’m sure if another member does a solo tour there will be more countries and capacities ✨


I’m going to get a damn ticket if it costs me my life!


14. There are too few shows in Korea and the venue is too small

With how y’all been streaming the rapline compared to the maknae line, be glad you’re getting anything at all.


I can see JK motivated to do tour as well. His tour may even get to do one stadium date in US as encore.


I’m praying !!
If JK goes on tour I definitely have to go even if I have to chase him to the ends of the earth lol


I cant wait for Jk official solo debut, he has the power to became the next Big POP Icon


the rapline are more likely do solo tours than the maknaeline imo:
rapline has many songs, more than enough for a tour of their own. rapline don’t have to dance much so it’s physically easier for them.
but i can see maknaeline doing a STADIUM tour as a subunit and it would sell out in a heart beat lmao. This is in time for enlistment deadline too.

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Lazy Banana

Even the maknae line’s releases were not supported by them, truly undeserving to get seats 😭


11. Does Suga have a lot of solo songs? How many songs does he have?

This person definitely never check out suga’s mixtape. He has enough songs to do tour. Plus, he also may even going to has new album before tour.

meow meow

i registered to see him in la!!! i’m nervous but i’m staying positive 😭 can’t wait to see him i’m so proud of him


Min Yoongi, this are not enough tickets for us pls have some mercy
We need at least A Dome tour

WhatsThe Point

Hoping for success of his solo tour even if my country is never considered for any concert date.
Going on a solo tour must be intimidating, but he’ll shine as always


Before I die, I have to go to both the bts concert and the members’ solo concert 😭😭

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