What Koreans say about BTS not getting any awards at this year’s Grammys

[2023 Grammy] BTS… “The most beloved celebrity and influence in the pop world, regardless of the award”

BTS didn’t get any awards at this year’s Grammy Awards

But whether or not they win the award, BTS is still “the main figure of history” and a pop star recognized by the mainstream music world

1. Kingtan

2. It’s great that they get nominated again and again

3. Kingtan.. I’m so proud of them

4. Have you ever imagined a Korean singer would be nominated for Grammy? It’s amazing that they’ve been nominated 3 years in a row, and I’m so proud of them

5. I never thought that a Korean singer would be nominated for Grammy. They are daebak

6. Korea values ​​the results more than the process. It’s great that they were nominated for the biggest music awards ceremony

7. Wow BTS is amazing

8. I’m so proud of our BTS

9. BTS was nominated for 3 consecutive years. It’s the first time in Asia, I’m really proud of it

10. Seriously, BTS are living legends

11. BTS is the pride of Korea

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winner or not being nominated 3x in a row is a great achievement especially when you are the first korean group to do so 🫶🏽


Bts didn’t even acknowledge grammys this year like only nj posted as a leader and then nothing 😂 scammys tried their best following nj and jk trying to create hype but again nothing 😆. Its so satisfying seeing them wanting to lure us using our boys but getting nothing in return.
But anyways I am really proud of boys they came a long way. I wish them all the best for future


BTS need 3 years to get their first daesang ever, and now they’re the biggest korean group in the world, it doesn’t matter how long it takes for them to get the grammy, it still doesn’t change a fact that they the first and the only korean group that has been nominated for 3 consecutive years. Period.


bts >>>>>


FUCK the kmedia and their fucking articles y’all can’t hide their impact even if u played dirty forever


Let’s be serious how’s songs like dynamite, butter and ytc would win grammy tho?😂


Considering you didnt even mention my universe, its pretty obvious you actually never care as long as bts dont win n you never know other songs that get nominated. I know you want nom for your fave lol. Your faves need to get no1 bb hot100 before grammy voters even noticed n care about them lol.


I agree, Black Swan should have won one but didn’t even get a nominaton. Deserves better


Let’s be serious, how can you have an opinion about these songs when you only hear noise? 🤭


And how are those songs not noise?


The way unholy won BTS songs can win too , it’s not like Americans are gods or smth


yeah because your faves songs that can’t even win on music bank will win a grammy for sure lmaooooooo 😂


I think you’re very happy that Unholy won. You can now share all those sarcastic comments you have made in your head. They are the first and only Asian artist to be nominated for Grammy in more than one category. No matter how silly you comment, they’re very successful and you’re just an asshole 😘😘


Not deserving BTS


I love the way Bangtan ignored the scammy. Except for Jimin who is busy preparing his album, any of the members could have gone on behalf of the group, Jungkook and Taehyung told in their lives that they were not doing anything, Hobi was at fashion week and it seems that Namjoon and Yoongi are also not busy now, but they don’t care anymore. They have moved on with these awards and meanwhile, the grannies have been naming BTS and featuring them in their promos for days now to attract attention. Yesterday was a party for Army, seeing Attack on Bangtan climb up the charts all over the world was glorious. 

WhatsThe Point

Their own country doesn’t value this tho. Articles talking abt how they failed to win thrice when them getting nominated is a huge thing especially korean songs like my universe and ytc


Too bad fan can’t do Twitter votes to support their basic ass songs


at least bts have fans that can help them unlike your faves who can’t even win on music bank .because their fans are obsessed with bts lmaoooo 😂


*cough bots cough


“Yall just be relax and twerk. We all know our company buys us prizes, and the dollars dropping our asses” from midpink’s mid soloist 🤢


how is bots a drag when they can sell out stadiums 🤥


RM and Suga used to be very vocal about winning a grammy. It’s good that they finally snapped out of it and realized that grammy is not important.


more like realized they’ll never get one lol


go outside find a job rather than worrying about successful artists🫰🏽

Another Guest

Yes, they might have realized that. Because we all know the Grammys have always been and will always be racist af. Award shows in the US are dying cause Millenials and Gen Z dgaf I hope they all vanish 💜


whos we


Totally forgot grammys was happening….went to go see ytc busan in cinemas instead. So much more fun


I’m glad none if them bother going to grammys but I’m seriously annoyed at how they try to gain clout following jk on ig and saying that there’s a performance by no nominees. I find that very disrespectful to bts

uga uga

If they stop doing that dynamite-butter-like crap and go back to their roots they will 100% win.
People just can’t read the room (or are just pretending to not) and acknowledge the fact that to win they must either release music that 1 – people will relate or 2 – sounds too crazy/conceptual to regular people to relate and IF they do one of these options, on top of that IT MUST SOUND UNIQUE AND NOT LIKE YOUR H&M BACKGROUND MUSIC.
When their thirsty-ass company stop trying to “Do what the West likes” and go back to what make their group famous in the first place, the prize will come.
Because honestly people, if you tell me that BTS deserve a grammy with “Butter” when they have songs like Blood, Sweat and Tears and albums like The Most Beautiful Moments in Life, I will 100% assume that you’re on crack.
Till there, the Grammys will keep using them for clout and their fans will keep make a clown of themselves (since if bts win is because they deserve it and if they don’t it’s because “tHeSe AwArDs ArEnT rEaL”).


You’re wrong. While in BS&T era, BTS opened to the US market. But neither when bts was in hyyh era nor at BS&T era, they passed the awards bts deserved and they didn’t even give the nominations.Although the company sent the songs to the radio, the CDs were returned and the songs were never played. You may be praising those times, but those times were one of the most difficult times in BTS. BTS was trying to prove themselves to the US music industry. We no longer interact as grammy and armies. We all knew fucking grammy before, but last year we were absolutely sure. In addition, it is one of the songs of dynamite and butter bts one of the best quality songs. They are the most successful songs in the kpop industry. So I understand why you don’t like them. If you love old bts songs, if you would like to listen them, go to spotify and listen them. They never left, they were always there 🤡🤡


Yall want bts to keep their old genre but if they didn’t grow yall be saying shit like theyre being repetitive. Every artists grow and doesn’t stick to one genre, that should being versatile. Go stream on spotify if like those songs sm, they didn’t go anywhere.

Last edited 1 month ago by cleo

They are not relevant anymore..their time is over now..people are already sick and forget about them..just went to the army service already..you guys are getting old..


You say yourself, they get old and go to the army. They are not as active as they used to be. But just by their nomination they can make a you go crazy. Girl, if I were you, I wouldn’t say they’re not relevant 💀


Well….tell that when bts don’t chart in bb anymore, they’re still on the top of bb world album chart tho, something that your idol still dreaming on it , because their fans are too busy talking about bts 😌


saying this while bts are charting inside kcharts and international charts is crazyyyy, just say you’re bitter and go


the most prestigious music award and the one award they couldn’t buy or doxx their way through


is this the same grammys awards that white voters accepts gift baskets from white artists in order to win??? 😟 just be saying things without knowing anything


“The 2023 GRAMMYs earned the ceremony’s highest viewership since 2020 with 12.4 million, a 30% increase from last year.”

source: https://twitter.com/PopBase/status/1622711001912311808?s=20

armys seething 💀💀


the way that one member from bts can pull
more views in just one live 🤪 youre the one posting links i think you are the one bothered


I swear, the way these awards move with BTS remind me of how the Academy Awards acted with DiCaprio.


They been begging for western award lmao. Bet they’ll release another westernized song again and keep saying to fans that they want to win grammy bla bla and their fans will work hard bombarding others who refuse to award them, as usual


saying “bet they’ll release another westernized song” when kpop is literally from western influences just in korean 🤥

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